McLaren has no drivers signed for 2015, Dennis insists

Ron Dennis insists that McLaren has not signed any contracts with drivers for 2015 and beyond, despite the obvious speculation about Fernando Alonso.

“We do not have a contract with any driver at this moment in time,” said Dennis. “It isn’t priority. Of course, we talk, we do all the things that you expect us to do, but at this moment we don’t have contracts – strictly, we do not have contracts that we have activated [for 2015], because clearly we have driver contracts at the moment.

“It’s not a great position to be in if you are either Jenson or Kevin. But the reality is they understand, as challenging as it is for them, that our priority is to produce a winning a car with which they can win.”

Elaborating on the situation he said: “The answer is simple – we don’t have a contract with any driver for next year, and that’s a simple factual statement. The first thing we’ve got to be is massively attractive to all drivers, and I hope we’re still very attractive to the two that are currently and will more than likely be driving the cars next year.”

Meanwhile McLaren racing director Eric Boullier backed up the views of his boss.

“We are working on being a winning team as soon as we can, as early as we can,” said the Frenchman. “Obviously there are a lot of different priorities and where we have to work hard. Today no drivers have a contract with us, so that’s why we don’t do any announcement.”

Asked whether he would like to sign Alonso he said: “If he does fit our strategy for the future, yes of course – as much as I want to sign these two guys next to me [Button and Magnussen].”


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3 responses to “McLaren has no drivers signed for 2015, Dennis insists

  1. Leo Sayer

    Interpreting the ‘Ronspeak’, this means he’s signed, but they have contractual obligations to announce Alonso/Magnussen in a joint presentation with Honda. We await the inevitable…

    • Tony Dowe

      As you say, Ronspeak means, perhaps, that Honda has signed Alonso! Now that will be an interesting situation, the lead driver employed by the engine supplier, wonder how Ron will deal with that? Even Senna never thought of that !

  2. doug

    SCOOP:HONDA buys mclaren.Honda has no intention to be a motorist only.I quote honda chief of F1:”our target mercedes has been clearly identified”mercedes is a complete team#2 Japanese do not give orders to their partners:it is NOT in their tradition.However japanese bosses their employees:We have stated WHO we want in the car(Honda F1 chief again)#3 Ron dennis was mandated to find cash by mclaren board. 25%of ojjeh shares sold to honda 50%of arab family sold to honda result ?:honda75% of mclarenF1

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