Lewis Hamilton: “I have to say it wasn’t easy getting in the car this morning”

Lewis Hamilton was fastest in Sochi in FP2 on a day when team mate Nico Rosberg didn’t do a representative time on new option tyres.

“I think it’s been good,” he said. “I generally feel comfortable on new circuits, just learning them, growing up that’s a skill you have to learn quite quickly. The car has been feeling very good today.

“The track was getting gripper and grippier and rubbering in quite a lot. There’s a nice flow you can get on this track, I’m really enjoying it.”

Hamilton admitted he was surprised by the pace of McLaren today.

“The McLarens are very close, which is good for everyone really, to be having a race. They had a great race in the last race, there pace was really good, especially with Jenson. I don’t know whether they made a step this weekend, but they are looking good. We’ll see how it is tomorrow.”

Meanwhile Hamilton admitted it was difficult to put the events of Suzuka out of his mind: “I have to say it wasn’t easy getting in the car this morning and really getting back into it all. It wasn’t easy. But this afternoon, once you get into the flow of things and the circuit, it feels a little bit more comfortable.”


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5 responses to “Lewis Hamilton: “I have to say it wasn’t easy getting in the car this morning”

  1. CTP

    Should we read something into hamilton’s praise of mclaren…?

  2. Lars

    Yeah, LH, is paying back JB for all of JB’s recent positive press statements on LH.

    • CTP

      i was thinking more along the lines of where LH might be driving next year

      • GeorgeK

        LH would be a fool to leave MB for McLaren regardless of how this years title chase ends.I know, everyone said the same thing when he left McLaren to go to MB; but the difference was MB was on the rise then and no telling how long Mac will take to develop their chassis to match the Honda’s power potential.

      • LRMann

        I know you were…

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