McLaren postpones driver news until “after Dec 1”

McLaren confirmed via Twitter tonight that it will announce its 2015 driver line-up no earlier than December 1st – and then followed up with a statement saying that the idea was to “avoid distracting the race team.”

McLaren also confirmed that the Honda test car will run in Abu Dhabi on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the race, subject to final bench testing.

The statement said: “Selecting the optimal driver line-up for a Formula 1 team is clearly an important process, and it is therefore one that requires precise and prolonged analysis. That being the case, and in order to avoid distracting the race team from its primary objective during the final Grand Prix weekend of the season, which is to secure the best possible on-track results, we have decided to defer our final deliberations relating to our 2015 driver line-up until a date no earlier than Monday December 1st.

“Meanwhile, we are working extremely hard to ensure that every element of our competitive package for 2015 and beyond is also specified to the fullest extent. We have spent the past nine months comprehensively recruiting and restructuring within our design and engineering departments; over the next few days we will be evaluating and trialling a range of aerodynamic upgrades for the forthcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and for the 2015 Formula 1 season; furthermore, we are now only a few days away from formally commencing our exciting technical partnership with Honda, and, subject to satisfactory final bench-testing, it is currently our intention to run our interim development car, the McLaren MP4-29H/1X1, on the test days that will follow the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.”


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14 responses to “McLaren postpones driver news until “after Dec 1”

  1. Typical load of Ronspeak rubbish.

    Looks like they have taken last year’s no title sponsor announcement statement and replaced “title sponsor” with “driver lineup”. Wonder if we’ll still be waiting for the driver lineup in December next year.

    It’s horrible to leave Jenson in a position where he does not know if it’s final GP so can’t enjoy it as such.

    • Park

      Just for Alonso…
      However,I think Jeson has known the answer he needs.(not good,I guess)

      • A Green

        Seems to me Mclaren don’t want a negative backlash from actually getting rid of Jenson and are working on p****** him off so much that he leaves of his own accord, while he still has some other (non F1) options open.
        They can then deny responsibility.
        PR wise it will backfire and leave them looking like a bunch of mealy mouthed indecisive t****.

        Jenson has been the team player, done all the stuff for the sponsors, said the right things. He won’t exactly be searching for loose change down the back of the sofa but it seems as usual from Mclaren like very poor management.

  2. Steve

    Implies MAG is leaving? Not letting JB have his goodbye race is a PR own goal. Perhaps JB has signed a cut price deal with performance clauses but wants to see the engine first.

  3. Lars

    Agreed. Very poor management to leave a WC, seasoned veteran and a very good ambassador for F1hanging, with no ability to take a last farewell lap if need be. Does not speak well of McLaren and Ron Dennis.

  4. This does not make it remotely near the level of RonSpeak. It’s pure pseudo-gobbledegook marketing and communication BS, nothing more than an exercise in bloviating obfuscation.

  5. “Optimal, precise, prolonged, deliberations, comprehensively recruiting and restructuring, evaluating and trialing’

    Anyone familiar with corporate reports knows that this roughly translates to: “Things are going very badly and we don’t know how to fix it. It’s all very complicated for you to understand but we’re working “extremely hard” – honest.”

    At the moment McLaren are closer to Force India than Ferrari on points and still do not have a title sponsor (or any significant sponsor for that matter). Those are the facts – despite whatever your typical, corporate, BS twitter-speak wants us to believe.

  6. floodo1

    drats. more waiting 😦

  7. Suku

    Mc will go through an era of mismanagement again and it will sink Honda.

  8. Park

    After 18 races,is it really difficult for McLaren to decide on Jenson or KMag? I don’t think so. How much sense does one more race make?

    • 360guy

      Ron Dennis knows exactly what the decision is – this stroking process might have made sense post Alonzo deal, but now it’s comical. The reason for this “stall” tactic is most likely money or PR. Possibly a new primary sponsor tie-in not fully closed involving a driver, or a current driver awaiting a signed contract with another organization – to make the termination seem like a “new beginning” to save face. (Jenson).

  9. GeorgeK

    They got Alonso, now they are more than likely haggling with Santander to pick up the corporate sponsorship: Announce both simultaneously.

  10. Tony Dowe

    Well, I guess we will know when the post race testing starts, unless they give Jensen a fairwell run in the new car, as in “this is what you will be missing”! Heartless mothers.

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