Marussia on the way to Abu Dhabi

Marussia's garage, still empty as of 1400 Wednesday. Photo: AC

Marussia’s garage, still empty as of 1400 Wednesday. Photo: AC

The word in the Abu Dhabi paddock today is that against all odds the Marussia team is on its way and will join Caterham in the entry list for the final race of the season.

A senior F1 source told this writer that the team’s freight is on its way. An empty garage, located between Williams and Caterham, is awaiting the team, although it remains to be seen if the cars and equipment actually arrive – and if they do whether or not the teeam merely scrutineers them or intends to tackle a full race weekend.

A Ferrari source confirmed that the Anglo-Russian team’s power units – and the engineers who operate them – are in Abu Dhabi, should they be needed. However the Italian marque is owed a substantial sum, so it remains to seen how that situation is resolved.

There is always a question of whether Max Chilton will be driving, as he has been linked to the Caterham seat.

Watch this space….


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7 responses to “Marussia on the way to Abu Dhabi

  1. DaveyM

    I’ve developed a real soft spot for Marussia this year, so I hope that they get to race. Caterham/Lotus left me disappointed after their apparent desire to spend the last two years going backwards, but I’m rooting for them too. We need the small teams in F1, so I hope they make it, and then make it into 2015 too.

  2. Must they start the race to be eligible for post season bonus for position in Constructor Championship?

  3. Off Track

    An empty garage or two [if misfortune dictates that] will give the Williams drivers a clear run into their pit area. That’s an advantage of maybe 1 second over rivals..
    But does empty necessarily mean that Massa can’t still stop there by mistake 🙂 ?

  4. CTP

    start and park to get their championship winnings?
    but i thought the team was literally dissolved…? like all their stuff to be auctioned to benefit their creditors?

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