Sixty trophies stolen in raid on Red Bull factory

The Red Bull trophy cabinet reflects the team's extraordinary success

The Red Bull trophy cabinet reflects the team’s extraordinary success

Sixty trophies were stolen from Red Bull Racing’s factory in Milton Keynes in the early hours of Saturday morning, the team has confirmed.

A silver 4wd vehicle was driven through the front entrance and six men loaded the trophies into another dark coloured Mercedes before making their escape. Security staff who were on duty at the time were not hurt.

“We are obviously devastated by this serious factory break in, which saw offenders drive a vehicle through our front entrance and steal more than 60 trophies which took years and hard work to accumulate,” said Christian Horner. “The break-in caused significant damage and was very upsetting for our night officers who were on duty at the time. The offenders took items that not only did not belong to them, but which represented the efforts of a group of dedicated, hard-working individuals.

“Beyond the aggressive nature of this break-in, we are perplexed why anyone would take these trophies. The value to the team is of course extraordinarily high due to the sheer hard work and effort that went into winning each and every one. But their intrinsic value is low; they would be of little benefit to those outside of the team and, in addition to that, many of the trophies on display were replicas.

“The actions of these men mean it’s likely that we will have to make our site less accessible in the future, which will be unfair on the hundreds of fans that travel to visit our factory each year to see our trophies and our Formula One car. We would like to appeal to anyone who knows any information on the whereabouts of these trophies or the offenders involved to contact Thames Valley Police.”

A Thames Valley Police statement said: “Police were called at 1.30am today (6/12) to the Red Bull Racing factory where a group of around six men used a vehicle to drive through the front entrance to gain access to the premises.

“Once inside, they stole over 60 trophies belonging to the Red Bull Racing team. Night staff who were on the premises at the time were not physically harmed.

“Two cars were involved in the burglary. A silver 4×4 which was used to drive through the entrance and a further dark coloured, black or dark blue Mercedes estate car. Both are believed to have foreign number plates. There is no description of the offenders available at this time, although they are all believed to be men, wearing dark clothing.”


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10 responses to “Sixty trophies stolen in raid on Red Bull factory

  1. Martin Bennett

    Low lifes. The fact their total market value may be less than the cost of the planning and executing the break in is about the only good thing to come out of this.

  2. Mick

    Very odd. High risk to steal what is effectively only scrap metal to anyone other than the team. Impossible to sell as memorabilia, unless they are planning to try a ransom demand…

  3. Lars

    Scumbags. Plain and simple. Hopefully Karma gets them all where it hurts the most.

  4. Stone the crows

    Thieves often do stupid things, and this will get them a lot of time behind bars to consider how stupid it was. They won’t be able to sell these trophies as is, and as Mr. Horner pointed out the material value is rather low.

    • Mick

      I’m not sure it would get them much time behind bars at all (unless they tied up / assaulted the security staff). Despite Horner’s complaints of how devastating it is, breaking into a business & stealing some low value metal is less harmful than breaking into a private home while the owners are in bed. House burglars (unfortunately) rarely get lengthy prison sentences unless they are prolific.

  5. Don Davis

    Security officers ?!?!?!? Oh, that’s right, no firearms for you boys. The lowlifes might have thought twice if they were facing armed SECURITY. Just saying!

    • Stone the crows

      Possibly, but then the thieves might have come armed as well and a guard would be risking his life for what is essentially so many pounds of metal.

  6. petes

    Bit O/T Adam but once again you’ve tweeted some gems – that S D link is a fascinating and unique look back in time.

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