Will McLaren change its livery for start of the season?

The MP4-30 seems to shout 'Mercedes' more than 'Honda...

The MP4-30 seems to shout ‘Mercedes’ more than ‘Honda’…

After rumours that the car would be black McLaren’s silver/grey livery caused something of a stir today, with many observers surprised that the team opted for colours that were so closely connected with the team’s partnership with Mercedes from 1997 to 2014.

The team noted that the MP4-30 “features an evolved colour scheme that firmly contextualises McLaren’s brand in the 21st century.” At first glance it would appear that Ron Dennis is convinced that the world associates the current livery with McLaren as a team, and not Mercedes, even if others in the camp may believe differently.

However this writer understands that while the team has not stated that what we saw today is an interim or testing livery, the car could yet look different by the first race in Melbourne – and at the very least the option still exists to change.

It’s worth noting too that while Santander remains on the team’s website it did not feature on the car or drivers today. Apparently negotiations are still ongoing, and the death last September of the company’s former boss and huge F1/Alonso fan Emilio Boton may have complicated matters. Intriguingly Jenson Button Tweeted recently that he was filming a Santander ad.

It remains to be seen whether a new deal with Santander or perhaps another yet-to-be-announced sponsor means that what we saw today is a temporary livery that was a quick and easy solution for the launch.

It was certainly one that will match the transporters and so on that will be in the paddock at the three upcoming tests in Spain. If there is a late change of car livery before Australia then there is plenty of time to repaint the transporters before they are next seen again at the Spanish GP in May.

Meanwhile a pre-Melbourne reveal of an all-new livery would be a second bite of the PR cherry for both the team and Honda.


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4 responses to “Will McLaren change its livery for start of the season?

  1. Andy

    They need Santander to come onboard as title sponsor then they can switch back to the straight red-and-white livery of old!

  2. The current livery looks a lot like McLarem-Mercedes and it’s almost equal to the current Force India. Why dont they use original McLaren orange, or white and orange something like the 80s livery?.

  3. honda.co.uk is very grey/red/black, so maybe that’s part of the reason?
    honda.com (us) otoh is very blue/white.
    old mclaren is orange. mclaren automotive is a bit orange.
    does need to be changed from his though, that’s for sure.

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