Arrivabene: Ferrari contract talks motivate Raikkonen

Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene is not in a hurry to extend Kimi Raikkonen’s contract – and has made it clear that he sees that as source of motivation for the Finn.

He also denied suggestions that there had been contact between the Maranello team and Lewis Hamilton.

“Did Lewis Hamilton call you? Because he never called me!,” joked Arrivabene. “Every driver here in the paddock they want to drive for Ferrari, this is normal. Even guys that were quite a lot of times World Champion. But I’m happy with the drivers we have. This doesn’t mean that I want to sign tomorrow with Kimi. We were very, very clear, I repeat again and again, I said to Kimi look it depends on your performance.

“He’s demonstrated that he’s a great driver, so if you’re asking me now if he deserves to renew the option now, today, I’m going to say ‘yes.’ but if I’m going to say ‘yes,’ I don’t want a driver to fall asleep. I want him him up.

“Kimi is giving the best when he’s a bit in trouble. This is the psychological approach. The paper at the moment is white, OK? Sometimes I have to take the pen, and then take it back, and Kimi is going to the podium.”


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4 responses to “Arrivabene: Ferrari contract talks motivate Raikkonen

  1. Off Track

    Really not sure this is the smart way to go with Kimi.
    Kimi should not be treated as if he is another Felipe Massa.

    • Exactly, Felipe Massa was running from year to year and the only thing that happened was Felipe’s performance would start to flounder as he became more nervous about where he was going to be the next year and then they would sign him for another year and he’d be okay again.
      If they really want him to succeed they should put him in a place where he has a chance to fight for a championship though I’m not sure what their benchmark on performance is for Kimi since probably 3rd or 4th will either be the best or the lowest position the Ferrari will finish for many races this year.

    • GeorgeK

      I have to agree, but this is the first publicly spoken miscue the guy has made. And his private discussions with Kimi can be totally different.

      All in all I’ve been impressed with Maurizio’s handling of all team issues.

  2. John miiler

    Another graduate from the ESOD.

    On the whole I’ve been impressed by Arrivabene and, given Kimi’s sense of humour, this may be a good move.

    (ESOD = Ecclestone School Of Diplomacy)

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