Felipe Massa: “I like the idea of refuelling…”

Felipe Massa says he supports the move towards the return of refuelling in 2017, as well as the general push to have faster cars.

The Brazilian is also keen on the plan for teams being able to choose which tyre compounds to use, a change set to be introduved for next season.

“I like the idea of refuelling because the race is quicker, the car is quicker,” said Massa when asked by this writer. “We race with a very heavy car and the race is very technical today. It used to be a lot nicer for the driving point of view, and that’s why I like the idea of the refuelling.

“Plus for the teams to choose the tyres, we can see a change because of of that. For sure in most of the races I don’t think Pirelli choose the wrong tyres. Some of the races they are a little bit too conservative, some of the races, not. If you take 85-90% of the races, it’s more or less correct. But you will see things… Especially the teams that don’t have a good car they will choose, and they will risk. Maybe it can change a little bit especially the qualifying, because the team has quicker tyres for the qualifying, and maybe they can go back in the race. We need to understand, but I think it’s OK to have it.

“Maybe some changes for the fans or the people are OK to have, so we’ll wait and see. The cars should be quicker as well. I think they will put more downforce on the car, more power in the engine, plus maybe wider tyres. I think it’s difficult to say before, before you drive the car, it’s a little bit difficult.”

Asked about the Strategy Group’s target of quicker lap times he said: “Maybe 5-6 seconds is a little bit too much, but for sure we want to go as fast as we can, for sure we want competition as well. I remember before when we had a lot of downforce maybe you didn’t even see overtaking in the race, and now the DRS helps.

“This is the only doubt that we need to understand, that they still keep the challenge in a good way. We have already good power from the engine, so maybe we’re going to have a little bit more, which will be more interesting, it’s fine to have. I think more important than the power is the noise for the people.”

Meanwhile when reminded that fuel stops can go wrong – as happened to Felipe in Singapore in 2008 – the Brazilian made it clear that he remembers that race more for the ‘Crashgate’ scandal.

“In Singapore the refuelling was not a problem, the problem was the mechanic that pressed the button at the wrong time. Even if it was not the refuelling and the tyres were not there I was going out with a problem anyway. Especially in Singapore the biggest problem was a fake race as well. So many things happened in that race, it wasn’t just the refuelling that was a problem. It was a race that was supposed to be cancelled, and it was not, unfortunately…”


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5 responses to “Felipe Massa: “I like the idea of refuelling…”

  1. peterg

    “We race with a very heavy car and the race is very technical today”

    The car is meant to start heavy and end light, balancing that weight change, managing your brake and tyre wear, is a professional driver’s skill. Did Prost and Senna ever complain about this?

    ”It used to be a lot nicer for the driving point of view”

    That because he did countless miles of testing at Ferrari with a perfectly balance car designed for 3 stints in a 2 stop race.

    The absolute last thing F1 needs is cars that are easy to drive, F1 should be about the very best drivers in the world being challenged by the cars mega performance. Drivers should be rewarded for getting the most performance from a car that is difficult to handle. That’s what separates the great from the good.

    If Massa wants cars that are nicer to drive, reintroduce traction control, launch starts, ABS…….…and put an A/C unit in the cockpit in case he breaks into a sweat!

  2. Massa likes the idea…Remember his pit accident at Singapore 2008?


  3. shred

    …says the guy who arguably lost a WDC due to a problem with a refueling rig that destroyed his race and title challenge instantly… WTF Felipe baby…..??

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