FIA to drop extra race penalties for untaken grid places

Drivers will henceforth no longer get extra race penalties for untaken power unit grid penalties, the F1 Strategy Group has decided.

For this season the rules changes so that untaken places can generate five and 10 second time penalties, drive through penalties and 10 second stop and go penalties for drivers who have in any case already been demoted to the back of the grid.

That has proved hugely unpopular with the public, so from now on the intention is that the severest penalty will be a back of the grid start.

There was some talk of the change being introduced for this weekend’s British GP, if it could be fast-tracked through. However FIA sources have confirmed that the change has to go through the correct procedures, so it won’t happen before Hungary.

“That’s a sensible outcome,” Christian Horner told this writer. “Theoretically I don’t see why it can’t be done for this weekend – it could be done on a fax vote for this weekend, if not, worst case is Hungary. I think generally it was a constructive meeting, some positive ideas coming out of it.”


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4 responses to “FIA to drop extra race penalties for untaken grid places

  1. Mick

    I like this new decisive strategy group approach. Long may it continue!

  2. Park

    Adam,the current rule is much much more reasonable.

  3. Brian

    If only “hugely unpopular with the public” worked for more things than just those that can be changed with an eraser.

  4. Robert McKay

    I wonder if Honda could use this as an opportunity. Take a new engine pretty much every race or every other race, start from the back – which wouldn’t be that much further back than they would start anyway – and still have a race without e.g. time penalties/drive throughs over and above the grid drop. All the while chucking everything you have development-wise at it.

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