Title is not won yet, says Mercedes boss Zetsche

Daimler and Mercedes boss Dr Dieter Zetsche has cautioned that it’s too early to consider Lewis Hamilton as a shoe-in for the World Championship, despite the Briton’s healthy lead.

After Monza Hamilton heads team mate Nico Rosberg by 53 points, or more than two race wins, while Sebastian Vettel is now 74 points adrift of the leader.

“We saw with Nico [in Italy] how fast you can lose a significant amount of points which you already calculated in,” Dr Zetsche this writer. “So let’s wait until the mathematics tell us where we are.”

Meanwhile Zetsche said that his satisfaction at Mercedes winning on Ferrari’s home ground in Italy was tempered by Rosberg’s engine failure.

“Of course, it was a very exciting race. At the same time we are very unhappy for Nico who had bad luck throughout the weekend. But that’s racing. It was the sixth race for his engine, and normally nobody’s running six races on an engine.

“Our engines are very, very reliable. He had to push to recover, and all the data showed that the engine was perfect until two laps before the end.”


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6 responses to “Title is not won yet, says Mercedes boss Zetsche

  1. The title is won, done and dusted. Spoiler free F1 guaranteed. This Mr VIP Moustache is too much really.

  2. Stone the crows

    Lewis is in his prime, and has never been better, nor has Mercedes. The only thing I question is by how many points will he lead the rest by the end of the season.

    • **Paul**

      It’s a bit hard to tell when the only yard stick we have is Rosberg. They could both be having poor seasons and no one would ever know such is the car advantage. This isn’t having a dominant car by a couple of tenths, as Red Bull had for a few seasons, this is having a car that is in the region of 1s a lap quicker. It’s hard to suggest anything other than in the races Mercedes have lost both the team and their drivers have really made a mess of things.

  3. Off Track

    What weird wondrous set of freak events could propel say, massa, into a title contending position, and see him overhaul a seemingly impossible deficit and wrest this championship from hamilton??
    I’ve pondered on this but haven’t quite got there yet.

  4. GeorgeK

    The only thing to stop Lewis would be catastrophic engine failures or on track bone head moves by other drivers…… or Lewis.

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