Predictable results turn fans off, says Horner

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says that the Mercedes domination is not good for F1 – and qualified his opinion by insisting that despite Sebastian Vettel’s four titles his team was never in such a strong position.

Horner says that the sport has to realise that the fans are important.

I think that predictable and serial results, serial winning, is difficult for any sport,” he said. “We were accused of it but we never enjoyed the continuation of success or longevity of success. Two of our world championships went to the last race and we never ever finished 1-2 in a world championship, and I think that inevitably with that kind of predictabilty, people get turned off and it needs a re-jig to bring it closer together.

I don’t think anyone wants to see Fernando Alonso just taking part, we want to see him competing, we want to see Daniel Ricciardo competing, we want to see Sebastian Vettel competing against Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The teams will never achieve that, because there is far too much self interest, and you cannot expect the teams to achieve that. That is for the regulator, and the governing body, to come up with a set of rules that achieves those objectives.”

With talks contuuing about future engine rules Horner denied that the sport is in crisis.

Crisis is a strong word. There are things that need sorting out for the future. We need strong leadership at any time of uncertainty. That is vitally important and we need strong leadership from the commercial rights holder (Bernie Ecclestone) and the governing body, to plot the path of the future that addresses what the fans need and what the fans want to see.

Because without them, there is no F1. And F1 ultimately has to be a show, it has to be entertainment and it has to appeal to a broad spectrum of fans and spectators.”


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12 responses to “Predictable results turn fans off, says Horner

  1. Jonno

    Never mind Horner, we know you’ll complain until the cows come home, but you’ll stick with F1 because…. Well, I don’t actually care now.

  2. A. Green

    Winge, winge, Renault, winge, Pirelli, winge, Mercedes, winge… “not fair, I’ll tell mum…!”

  3. JohnsonsEvilTwin

    9 race wins in a row….4 double titles in a row, this with Pirelli lottery tyres.
    The difference is Red Bull aren’t winning, they’re just whining.

  4. He’s just about right. Even though they won those 4, the other teams had a better chance then than now. The one biggest problem now is the lack of development with the engines. So, basically, whoever wins in Australia, will win both titles…unless Australia has something weird happen. There is NO competition which is what people tune in for and we’re not getting that at all. Simple really.

  5. John Howley

    Horner is spot on. F-1 has become dull and uninspired. All of the ‘racing’ occurs in the mid and back packs. The fact the cars sound like sewing machines doesn’t help. I’ve been a fan since the 50s, an old-timer not at all impressed. All of the greats till now have had serious rivals. Letting his team mate win a few after the championship is in the bag reeks of self-interest. Horner for President.

  6. petes

    How original and refreshing….
    Shame you didn’t have this thought a few seasons back……

  7. skipper

    CH constantly moaning about how dull it it is when a team dominates perhaps the people who turned off when Seb was winning never bothered to turn back on and i should know I’m one of those who did just that.

  8. Roland

    And 4 WCs on the bounce didn’t have that effect, no?

    • Vettel won 2010 and 2012 by sheer luck, so they might have had 4 titles, but not always a car that guaranteed that outcome. With Merc its clear who’s going to be champion after the Melbourne GP

  9. rpaco

    Horner will always complain about someone else winning if it’s not his team, boring us with 4 championships in a row.
    Now if Adrian had left and gone to McLaren maybe Red Bull would have proper engine contract from either Merc or Ferrrari.

  10. John

    It’s same old same old back to Schumacher Prost etc it goes in cycles get over it Horner

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