Teams agree to revert to old qualifying system

The 11 F1 teams have agreed to return to the 2015 qualifying system from the next race in Bahrain, following a meeting hosted by the FIA’s Charlie Whiting in Melbourne today.

As previously noted, the FIA has invited the 11 team managers to attend. They were told to represent the views of their teams rather than personal views, and that they could bring their team principals along as well if they so wish. Among those in the meeting were Christian Horner, Toto Wolff, Niki Lauda, Maurzio Arrivabene and Franz Tost.

Bernie Ecclestone was not represented in the meeting, although he had made his views clear to team bosses by phone.

The two most likely scenarios for Bahrain were scrapping the whole system, or the option of a ‘hybrid’ of the old and new systems. The former received unanimous support.

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One response to “Teams agree to revert to old qualifying system

  1. petes

    Please forgive my cynicism Adam, but the tenor of that first para almost makes it sound as if the teams were responsible in the first instance.

    Spin it whichever way, Ecclestone drove it, ever ably abetted by his faithful zombie-like mouthpiece Whiting.
    Both individuals long past their use-by and getting smelly….

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