Real Williams FW40 revealed


Williams has released the first pictures of the real FW40 after showing computer generated renders last week.

The car features a spectacular shark fin that incorporates the Martini livery, but otherwise is largely similar to the earlier images.

Felipe Massa will give the car its first laps at Barcelona on Monday before Lance Stroll takes over.

Red Bull, Haas and Toro Rosso will be the last teams to show their 2017 contenders, all of which are due to be revealed on Sunday.


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2 responses to “Real Williams FW40 revealed

  1. Mick

    Doesn’t seem to have the complexity of the other designs we’ve seen this week. Are they keeping it hidden, are they behind in the design / manufacturing process, or is this it?

  2. petes

    As Adam said Mick that’s ‘first’ pictures….Second and third will show the bits they’ve left off……;-)

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