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Carlos Sainz Jr: “I think it’s the moment to learn…”

Carlos Sainz Jr says he has not given himself any specific targets for his rookie season with Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Although he has more racing experience than his team mate Max Verstappen, he has less F1 mileage than the Dutchman. Both men drove the STR10 at a filming day in Misano this week.

“I think it’s not the moment to put any expectations or objectives,” he said in Jerez today. “I think it’s the moment to learn, to develop the car with Max and do a good job with the whole team. So far they have done the job because we have been the first team to put a car on track, and do those first 10-20 laps with the car.

“For sure we’ll be pushing each other, every F1 driver will be pushing the other team mate. Max and I will have to learn a lot this year, we’ll have to learn together also, especially 12 days of testing, six each – we’ll have to join our experience, let’s put it like that, to help the team as much as possible. Obviously our experience is not the same as the McLaren pair, or any other pair, but I think working together in the tests we can do a good job.”

Meanwhile while Verstappen’s age has ensured that he’s been in the global media spotlight, Sainz says he’s been busy at home:“In Spain I also had a bit of attention, everyone with ‘the new Fernando Alonso’ and all that. It’s things that must happen, and it’s normal. I don’t complain. I’m happy, it’s your dream come true, you cannot complain about your personal life.”

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Real Toro Rosso STR10 will be seen in Australia, says Key

The new STR10 is an interim car

The new STR10 is an interim car

Scuderia Toro Rosso unveiled its new STR10 in the Jerez pitlane on Saturday – making it the first 2015 car to be physically seen in public after a string of online launches and releases of mocked-up images.

Technical director James Key says that the team has had a much smoother winter preparing the new car than it did last year- but says the result is a more complicated car.

For 2014 STR had to deal not just with the new rules but also with a switch from Ferrari to Renault.

“It’s definitely been a more straightforward winter,” Key told this writer. “We went about designing the car in quite a different way this year. You won’t really see it yet because this is an interim car effectively, not at all what we are going to race.

“The packaging of the car is a massive step forward, and I think you have to do that sort of thing in Year Two of the regs. There’s a stabilising period in Year One, and then how much progress can you make in Year Two?

“We sat back and really thought about it. In fact we extended our design time quite a lot further than last year, and still hit everything on schedule. So definitely the winter went a lot smoother. It’s really been a case of making life more difficult for ourselves with a much more complicated car.”

Key confirmed that the aero package seen at Jerez will change for the next test in Barcelona, and again for the first race in Australia.

“A lot of stuff is still work in progress. We’re finishing off Melbourne in the wind tunnel now, so we’re going to run the car here and still be working on the Melbourne package. We’re looking at everything on the car. Safe to say the car we’re launching today is a conservative car. You’ll see last year’s front and rear wing on it, you’ll see a big cooling exit which is probably not necessary but it makes sure we can cool without any concerns.

“Some of the cooling layout is an evolution but recognisably an evolution but a pretty heavy evolution from what we had last year, and we’ve worked very hard on packaging, and we’ve been able to use that data to very good effect.

“The nose is not the nicest looking thing! But I expect it will change. The plan for us particularly for our new drivers is to put mileage on. So we’re not looking for peak performance or whatever in the first two tests, we want to get all the basics done as best as we can. Then in Test 3 we’ll see the real STR10.”

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