Will Lopez/Campos deal be confirmed soon?

Further to my last posting, events are moving along quickly and it seems that a deal that sees the Campos Meta team rescued – and Jose Maria Lopez installed alongside Bruno Senna – could be announced as early as Friday. When I tried to get hold of Lopez Thursday night, via a third party, he was in a London pub. Was he celebrating a deal?

As reported earlier, Lopez and his advisor Felipe McGough have been in London for the past two days, and have met with Bernie Ecclestone and others at the offices of Formula One Management. Bernie is obviously keen to see the Campos project reach the grid and has it seems given his blessing to a marriage of convenience that involves Lopez, original Campos investor Jose Ramon Carabante, and former Midland, Spyker and Force India boss Colin Kolles. Kolles of course runs DTM and LMS teams, and can thus quickly put together a crew to run the team’s Dallara-Cosworths. Nevertheless making it to Bahrain in time is not going to be easy…

YouTube founder Chad Hurley, who has washed his hands of the US F1 project, may also be a part of the deal. His advisor Parris Mullins has been in London this week and is party to the negotiations.

Kolles would not elaborate when I spoke to him on Thursday evening, but said he had had a busy day, and hinted that we might get some news sooner rather than later. His view was supported by a report on an Argentinian website – one with links to McGough – indicating that the deal had been agreed in principle.

Meanwhile there has been no word from US F1. One might speculate that Bernie’s next project will be to find to way to ensure that Stefan GP makes the grid, quite possibly by taking over the American team’s paperwork and thus its entry.

The recent addition of Jacques Villeneuve to the list of possible Stefan drivers would certainly give Bernie even more reason to support the Serbian-owned outfit. There is after all a Canadian GP in approximately four months’ time.

The next few days are going to be interesting…


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11 responses to “Will Lopez/Campos deal be confirmed soon?

  1. Thanks Adam. It looks like everyone is keen to get something sorted ASAP, this is the one of the fastest-moving stories I’ve seen in ages, speaking as but a humble fan of course!

    Do we know why Hurley pulled his backing from USF1? I was wondering if the team ‘went South’ before then and he was forced to look elsewhere, or if they had to stop everything because he withdrew for whatever reason?

    • As I understand it he realised that it wasn’t going to happen and backed out, rather than it being a case of him withdrawing his support and creating a crisis. It will be interesting to find out how much he has spent and won’t be able to recover…

      • jim

        I guess I’m still confused. Provided what we’re reading everywhere is true, why wouldn’t Hurley then try to broom Windsor and Anderson and bring in competent people to run the show? It’s the only way he could recover his $$$, if I understand correctly.
        And if you were bitten by one F1 failure, why would you want to get involved with another F1 failure?
        It doesn’t make sense to me.
        Any chance Chad is playing hard ball with Anderson and Windsor for control of USF1?

  2. Nick Somebody

    Thanks for your reporting Adam.

    Do we know yet how far along USF1 were with their car. I’m really interested to know what bits they had finished and what they didn’t. I know they were trying to make their own gear box and I was wondering if this was the thing that screwed them up because its so complex, or whether it was just poor management and everything was running behind.

  3. Chad Hurley… its very interesting to see him involved in this project in the first place… i wonder if its all to do with trying to lure a motor manufacture to embrase 3g and wifi etc in there cars?!
    Similar to Genii and saab deal that went south. I do hope that he isnt left on the side hold his c*** whilst effone plays around with SteveRacing.

    I have a question for you, why isnt Lotus racing allowed to use the name Team Lotus?? and how comes they are allowed to use the grand old ladys Stats when its not the same name.
    I just wish it was the Team Lotus. i am only 34, but it would be great to see them in there pomp.

  4. Uppili


    Firstly, thanks for the phenomenal work you have done in continuously updating us on this fast evolving story. Its scoop work like this that puts Pro’s like you head and shoulders above the “news aggregation” sites. My only gripe is that Speedtv for which you report, is also guilty of the same mistake. Worse still, some of your stories there are listed along side that crap. Which is why your new blog is so helpful. So thanks for that.

    Back on topic, you will not hear me say this many times…..i really pity Bernie for having to put up with this mess and trying to salvage the best of it. I bet he is very proud of his good friend Max for the due diligence he had done in selecting new teams…..

  5. elephino

    I’m still surprised by the lack of word out of USF1. Stefan GP won’t shut up (this is a good thing, btw).

    Mind you, if you asked 6 months ago which of the new teams you’d expect to definitely be on the grid, most would say USF1. They’d been planning for ages and had two known names behind it.

    If it is down to sponsors not paying, that is a big shame for USF1. But, then again, that’s motorracing…

  6. Sniffer

    Poor old Kolles had a late night. I bet this deal has been liking pulling teeth!

  7. Interesting. Would be a shame if the Dallara doesn’t make the grid in some form. As for Villeneuve in a Stefan, shades of Emmo in a Spirit? He didn’t take long to get disspirited (sorry) with the idea…

  8. AP

    I received a tweet after asking USF1 if it was over…
    I’m not believing any of this speculation untill USF1 comes out and makes it intentions clear…
    Most of this speculation is people playing dots to dots…
    It may well be true but I wont jump on the band wagon like the rest of ya’

  9. AP

    And might I add, am not American and I am not usually a fan of any US base stuff….LOL

    GO RBR!

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