Penalty drops Schumacher out of points

Michael Schumacher has lost the points he scored in Monaco after a penalty dropped him to 12th place.

The former champion passed Fernando Alonso on the last corner when the safety car peeled into the pits. This year the rules changed to allow drivers to overtake from the safety car line at the pit entry onwards, but that does not apply on the last lap.

Schumacher was given a retrospective drive through which meant 20secs was added to his race time.

Fernando Alonso is now sixth, Nico Rosberg seventh, Adrian Sutil eighth, Tonio Liuzzi ninth and Sebastien Buemi gets a point in 10th.


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4 responses to “Penalty drops Schumacher out of points

  1. jason

    While I m not a huge Michael Schumacher fan, I thought Ross Brawn’s explanation of the situation on the BBC made sense. They were under Green Flags … so now the stewards invalidate Green Flags?

    Hope Mercedes appeal this, if only for the principle of the thing. If anybody messed up it was Race Control, drivers are conditioned to race under green flags. If this ruling stands what’s the point of having green flags?

  2. me

    all I would say is WTF …. Y couldn’t all of them cruise to finish line Then…
    There were green flags .

    Why did they announce safety car in and give green … just for the show ? If it was for that , I think fia makes us look like fools

    oh nd what happened to reprimands … If the green flags and announcement was a mistake , schumi coud be given the 7th place

  3. thef1mong

    this is terrible green flag safety car in,whats the problem for once im on shumi’s side alonso was asleep and stil looks like ferrari have strings in the FIA

  4. Hamish Williams

    6th, 7th, or 12th is not what we should be focusing on. Schumacher thought it was fair. Alonso was fighting, so he thought it was valid (at the time). It was a great overtaking move. It was an overtaking move that we expect and want from the drivers. @catsfather

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