Red Bull out of FOTA but still “committed to cost saving”

Red Bull has this afternoon followed up Ferrari’s lengthy statement on the background to the Italian team’s planned withdrawal from FOTA with a rather shorter note of its own.

The team said simply: “Red Bull Racing can confirm it has served notice to withdraw from FOTA (Formula One Teams Association). The team will remain committed to finding a solution regarding cost saving in Formula One.”

Meanwhile Dietrich Mateschitz has a foot in both camps as Toro Rosso remains in FOTA.


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4 responses to “Red Bull out of FOTA but still “committed to cost saving”

  1. CTP

    Note that they say they’re “committed to finding a solution” not committed to cost saving…

  2. Ale

    A fine example of Douchebaggery from RBR and Ferrari… I would expect this sort of selfish and shortsightedness from Ferrari, who seem to have the need to get advantages off-track due to their incabability to produce a championship winning car. However, RBR are now confirming that success has really gone to their heads…

  3. Luis Villeda

    Well, it has been long known that Ferrari doesn’t want tu use V6 turbos because they don’t plan to have a V6 turbo GT car. The want to keep a V8 though. Apart from that, I see no reason why they can’t use KERS, aerodynamic knowledge and engine composite materials on their GT cars… I firmly believe they want to spend more to reach the top again.

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