Michael Schumacher: “I was trying my best but it wasn’t good enough…”

Schumacher deep in thought on the Istanbul grid

Michael Schumacher equalled the best result of his comeback when he finished fourth in Turkey, and while he was some way behind third placed Mark Webber, he beat team mate Nico Rosberg.

He set a quicker race lap time than either Rosberg or both McLaren drivers, although admittedly both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were in fuel saving mode as their cars got lighter.

Schumacher also enjoyed a spectacular tussle with Button on the first lap.

“We saw each other a couple of times this year!,” he said. “This time he had clearly the better end of it. I was trying my best, but it wasn’t good enough this time. Anyway as I understood he had a nice fight with Lewis, so he must have been putting in some very good laps.

“Honestly I was just trying to focus and do the maximum I could with my car. Forward, there was no chance, obviously I was watching the mirrors and making sure that I keep the tyres in shape so that whenever I had to have some reserves that they are available.”

One intriguing moment during the race came when engineer Andrew Shovlin told Michael that 2-3mm of rain was expected, a figure that the German could not relate to.

“I saw the rain from a distance. It was a clear to me there was a chance of rain, how much rain… When he came with these sort of figures, we haven’t really talked about figures, so it was the first time, and you don’t really have guidelines and experience in this field! That’s why it was easier for me to hear if he thinks it was intermediate tyres or heavy wet tyres or maybe stay on dries, which would have been more easy at that moment.”

Schumacher made it clear that the team needs to find some extra straightline speed for Montreal.

“Canada is very clearly about top speed and loss of drag, that’s what we’re working very hard on. There’s the famous F-Duct that we hope to optimise and get it working better. Then we see. So far our top speeds haven’t been the greatest, I hope we can improve massively in order to be competitive.”


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5 responses to “Michael Schumacher: “I was trying my best but it wasn’t good enough…”

  1. Adam,

    Was there any indication that any of the middle pack cars were in fuel saving mode towards the end of the race?
    I am just wondering whether Schumacher wouldn’t have been able to put up more of a fight with Button if his car was a lighter seeing as Button passed him in the braking zone on turn 12

  2. I think Michael said that the inability to keep Button behind him was due to his cold tires mainly…

    Michael took some kind of win in Turkey for me. Because Red Bull and McLaren were in other class that day. Michael led very nice race, and he controlled the guys behind him very well. I’m happy 😀

    • Yep, he didn’t get a lot of credit given everything else that was going on!

      • Journeyer

        Agreed. Best of the rest isn’t a bad way to finish – especially being ahead of his old friends at Ferrari. 😀

        It also says a lot that he was the only guy in the Top 8 who was happy with his race. In Monaco, it seemed everything was going against him. This time, it seems he’s having the last laugh.

  3. “Yep, he didn’t get a lot of credit given everything else that was going on!”

    I bet that if he had a bad race, he would have been noticed! You know how it is with that guy, every time he slips the whole world eats him alive, when he does a good race – silence, I wanna hear the grass grow … Or at least that’s what it all seems to me …

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