Don’t tell me the scores, Vettel insists

Sebastian Vettel insists that he doesn’t know how big his advantage is over his rivals in the title race, and says he doesn’t want to be told what the gap is.

Vettel is 77 points clear of Jenson Button and Mark Webber, but seems to be the only person who hasn’t done the sums.

“To be honest I don’t really think about the gap,” he said today. “Generally I don’t want you to tell me now after my answer. I don’t even know the gap to – I think Jenson is second behind – because there is no importance leading the championship now, the most important time is after the last race. I think we learned that last year.

“Obviously we’re in a bit of a different position right now compared to last year, but still a very, very long way to go, and a lot of points to get. With the points system we run today, it might be tempting to feel pretty safe. So really I try to go race by race and step by step. The only thing I am focussing on at this stage is FP1 tomorrow, and not further ahead yet.”

Pressed on whether he genuinely didn’t know the position, Vettel was adamant.

“No I don’t know, so please don’t tell me. What does it help, what is the gain, what do I learn from it? Obviously I know that we are in the lead you [the media] keep telling me. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s one point or I don’t know, a hundred. There’s a long way to go and more points to get in the races we have in front of us than we’ve had already. It’s not even half time.

“Of course, there might be a temptation, but just look at last year, look what happened and how quickly things changed, how many people were fighting for the championship. People were excluded from the fight, and then all of a sudden they were back in.”

He did admit that last year he kept an eye on the points: “I knew better than this year. Because I was hunting…”

Vettel says he’s expecting a good battle with team mate Mark Webber, both drivers having won at Silverstone in the last two years.

“This is a fun track, I enjoy coming here, Mark enjoys coming here. He won last year, I won the year before. I had a puncture very early on last year as far as I remember. It’s a nice race, and it means a lot to us, as it’s the home Grand Prix for the team, being so close to here.

“Probably you have a lot of teams which claim it’s their home Grand Prix, and it’s special to all of us. It’s the same as every weekend, we try to do our best, and try to beat the other one. Nothing changes just because of the fact we are in Silverstone.”

Asked whether he might change his finger wagging victory celebration, Vettel said: “I don’t know what it is with everybody and the finger bit! Every single time I think it’s a bit different, there’s no, how do you say, choreography that I run through. It’s not as if I practice it before. To answer your question, no.”

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One response to “Don’t tell me the scores, Vettel insists

  1. Louis

    Ferrari or McLaren should pay for a spot on the back of a backmarker’s back wing, with “Vettel +77 pts Button” (or whatever the score is). If Vettel doesn’t want to find out his score, he can’t get close to a backmarker… that would make overtaking him a lot easier!

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