Yamamoto to race as Senna out of HRT seat

Sakon Yamamoto has replaced Bruno Senna at HRT, not just for Friday morning practice, but the whole of the British GP weekend.

The news was confirmed by team boss Colin Kolles tonight, although he declined to be quoted officially ahead of any press statement from the team. He indicated that full story would come out shortly.

Senna is based in Britain and has a lot of fans here having done his early racing in the UK, so his absence will be especially disappointing for the Brazilian.

Yamamoto has done some Friday running this year, sharing the job with Christian Klien.


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10 responses to “Yamamoto to race as Senna out of HRT seat

  1. GQsm

    I find this disgraceful, they obviously haven’t told Senna judging by his Twitter account.

    Maybe Bernie was right and HRT won’t finish the season.

  2. This has to be some sort of joke!
    Bruno was tweeting about Silverstone earlier today so this must be a complete shock to him.

    Bad job Colles!

  3. Black Knight

    Senna is driving for free and they drop him. Can’t wait for the press release. Senna deserves better than this. Who would actually pay for that seat ? It’s a career killer.

    Unfortunately, if the HRT cash flow is this bad, don’t look for a return in 2011.

  4. in the new edition of the Oxford Dictionary, they ought to out the HRT logo next to the definition of incompetence

    • craig

      Surely USF1 already took that spot for not getting to the grid?

      I’m amazed he was dropped before the British GP though and especially in the light of his Twitter feed for today which certainly suggests he wasn’t told!

      They must be a little short of cash at the moment..

  5. John S

    This after praise from Willis….HRT are in big trouble.

  6. Seb

    Sakon Yanamoto, a ‘genuinely good bloke’, but a genuinely slow snail on the racetrack.

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