Lotus investor Infinity changes name to Quantum

Lotus F1 investor Infinity Racing Partners has changed its name to avoid the unfortunate clash with Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

The new name is Quantum Motorsports Ltd, which has a similar astrophysical theme. Ironically Google indicates that more than one business with a similar name already exists, including a Texan motorcycle shop and a supplier of after market brake cooling kits for performance road cars…

Infinity was announced in June as a 35% shareholder in Lotus. The company is a consortium is backed by Middle Eastern money.


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8 responses to “Lotus investor Infinity changes name to Quantum

  1. Jason Jones

    How can they be an investor, if they haven’t given them any money yet!!!. I thought the deal was done back in June, and we are two weeks away from Nov. Waiting six months for money in F1 is like a lifetime.

  2. Is it because Kimi has decided to race for Ferrari next season or Kimi moved to the prancing horse simply because he has already known the deal?

  3. Mav

    Most pertinent company the name would clash with is Quantum Sports Cars – ironically they make a two-seater car based on the Lotus 7. http://www.quantumcars.eu/

  4. Curt Webber

    Because there is no money in reality. The idea of Ijaz was to make money with and from Lotus,.., believe me.

  5. George

    Ijaz – certified fantastist! – I hope that Genii and Lotus F1 are doing their Due Diligence because they will need a plan B

  6. Mustashar

    Yes indeed, he’s the same guy John’s article refers to. Strange for a political player to get involved in F1. Or actually, was Gerard Lopez so desperate to accept weird investors???

    • Kunal

      Gerard Lopez and Eric Lux from Genii Capital, Luxembourg have not paid Kimi as of yet. Besides they asked for a loan (and got it) while Lotus F1 team is insolvent —Fraud—- I did some due diligence and found out that Quantum Motorsports uses the same headquarters as a Sicilian Pizza restaurant. No money will come out of that deal..perhaps Pizza’s maybe.

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