HRT drops Chandhok for Germany

Bruno Senna will be back in the HRT at German GP, but Sakon Yamamoto will be in the other car as Karun Chandhok has been asked to step down.

While Senna’s absence at Silverstone is believed to be the result of a form of disciplinary action by team boss Colin Kolles, Chandhok’s absence can only be explained by financial necessity. It’s thought that his deal is contingent on sponsorship, whereas Senna’s is not.

Yamamoto finished right behind Chandhok at Silverstone, although the Indian driver had suffered bodywork damage early on.

An HRT statement said: “After Sakon Yamamoto gave a very positive performance in Silverstone, the team has decided to give the Japanese driver another opportunity to drive the car alongside Bruno Senna. Karun Chandhok is still part of the Hispania Racing, HRT F1 Team family and is likely to be in the car at some later races this season.”

There was no further comment from Kolles on the driver situation.

Yamamoto said: “I have a lot of good memories of the circuit in Hockenheim. I like the track layout with the passing point at the end of the long straight and also the Stadium sector, which is very challenging. There is always a nice atmosphere with the spectators at the grandstands and I am always looking forward to come back to Hockenheim.

“Compared to Silverstone, I think we are more competitive and we can achieve a good result again. The last race weekend was very exciting for me. Now, the team has given me another chance to race on Sunday and I will do my best to prove that it was the right decision.”

Chandhok will be spectating at the Brands Hatch F2 event this weekend.


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8 responses to “HRT drops Chandhok for Germany

  1. This is soo messy… First Senna was told to have issues with the boss and now Chandok down…
    I think HRT just want more money coming their way from all 3 drivers, so stupid!

  2. Ash

    I’ve been wondering where Yamamoto’s supposed great piles of dosh are coming from. But perhaps that’s a subject that the press room, er, feels it needn’t probe into too deeply?

  3. Nick Stewart

    I thought Karun had brought the Jaypee sponsorship to HRT?
    Its a shame for Karun & Bruno, at least it gives them a chance to drive something decent at the weekends!
    ie, not a HRT!

  4. paxdog57

    Sounds like another spot on the grid is up for grabs, the team must be in financial trouble.

  5. I have to say, I don’t think this is a great way to run an F1 team and I assume it really must come down to cash.
    It’s a shame though I really like Chandok, it’s tough driving such an awful car but he invariably seems to be smiling!

  6. jonas

    Its a shame for both regular drivers. They are trying to make a name for themselves whilst driving what is probably the worst F1 car for a number of years, and now they are getting replaced by a driver who would never have reappeared in F1 if it wasn’t for the fact that this team need his dosh ….

    I hope someone else picks Senna and Chandhok up for next year.

  7. I heard Yamamoto had raised $5 million for a drive in the car. However this does not clarify how many races he will get to participate in? It must be assumed he will get to race for the rest of the season.

    However I heard Chandhok also raised $8 million for a full F1 season. So how come he has been ‘dropped’ when no reports have been clear as to how much sponsorship money Bruno Senna is bringing the team apart from Embratel funds?

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