Domenicali: “Not really a positive weekend for us…”

The Belgian GP weekend turned into a major disappointment for Scuderia Ferrari as Felipe Massa finished fourth and Fernando crashed out after a frustrating afternoon.

It had all started so well when the Spaniard was fastest in both sessions on Friday, but things began to go wrong from qualifying onwards. 

“For sure it’s not really a positive weekend for us, for many reasons,” said team boss Stefano Domenicali. “From the points’ point of view, for sure we lost ground, no doubt about it. It is more difficult, but it’s not impossible – I remember in 2007 we were 17 points behind with two races to go.

“For sure it’s more difficult, but we want to keep pushing. Today I would say the top five drivers, if I don’t recall wrongly, we were one of the three who did not score a point. Maybe in the next couple of races something will happen the other way round. So we just need to be there, and do not give up, let’s say from the points point of view.

“What we need to see is really that we didn’t go out from this weekend with the performance that we were expecting. And we need to understand why. We need to be very cautious, because two races ago one of our competitors, which was McLaren, seemed to be very suffering I would say.

“And now it seemed today that they were very strong. Race by race the scenario is changing so quickly that it’s difficult to predict something. It’s important to try to be there, because as I said, with these conditions, everything can happen.”

Domeicali admits that the team doesn’t know why it faded away: “It’s true, that’s why we need to understand exactly what has happened, in terms of the direction of the set-up that we were taking, or if the developments we brought here, in the conditions that we had, were right or wrong. Also because on Friday we were not really able to do the comparisons that we were supposed to do, considering the weather conditions.”

Alonso’s preference for a wet set-up clearly couldn’t have helped, although it probably seemed like a good idea at the time…


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3 responses to “Domenicali: “Not really a positive weekend for us…”

  1. Ed

    Its too early to say, but maybe karma is starting to play out at Ferrari.

  2. Domenicali’s comment surely shows that he thinks of Alonso as the Ferrari team. He gives no credit to Massa for a good finishing position.

    • Ed


      “This weekend definitely did not end well for us, even if Felipe’s fourth place, at the end of an impeccable and error free race in conditions that were far from easy, is an important result.”

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