Kolles confirms Chandhok at HRT

The new HRT team has confirmed that Karun Chandhok will make his debut in the Bahrain GP, alongside Bruno Senna. The Brazilian appeared on the FIA official entry last night, although curiously he wasn’t mentioned by name in a statement from the team today!

The car itself is being unveiled today in Murcia, which will eventually be the home of the team.  The entry list also confirmed that the Dallara-built cars will be HRT-Cosworths.

“I am very pleased to use the Murcia site to officially unveil our car livery today that reflects the Murcia identity,” said Colin Kolles. “We also  complete the driver’s team line up with the Indian Karun Chandhok at the wheel of the car for our first ever season. We have been very impressed with Karun’s performance in GP2. India is a great country. It will be great for the sport to have an Indian driver on the grid for the first Indian Grand Prix. Murcia is part of the roots of the team.

“Everything is now in place after an impossible race against time to register the team’s name and I truly believe that we have an excellent platform to build on and move forward for a strong 2010 performance. Now, we need to work together. We need to learn together and keep developing as a team.”

Team chairman Jose Ramon Carabantes said: “The new HRT F1 Team, ‘Hispania Racing F1 Team’, is born in Murcia. I am proud to welcome you in Murcia where the team has its roots and to have given to my country the pride of the first ever Spanish Formula 1 team.

“The name of the team contains the word Hispania, which is not only the name of one of my companies, but Hispania was also the Roman name for the Iberian Peninsula. That reflects now our team’s new identity. 2010 will be a major debut for the team and drivers  at the wheel of our HRT F1 Team, car.”


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5 responses to “Kolles confirms Chandhok at HRT

  1. F1 Kitteh

    Untested F1 driver + untested F1 car = ??

    Hope they have thought about the safety aspects …

  2. Jonas

    I wonder why VJ said he would never get a seat in a Force India?

  3. Carrying on the “silly/unfortunate” HRT theme Adams tweet “Chandhok is confirmed for HRT!” I bet that Danica Patrick is glad she wasn’t in the frame for a drive “Danica Patrick confirmed for HRT”. Might make it difficult for HRT to appoint
    a female driver afterall some also need High Retail Therapy (so I’m told)

  4. Black Knight

    Good for them – at least they have a car. Hopefully two by next Friday. Would it not be reasonable for the FIA to give them a session on Thursday in Bahrain to actually see if the damn thing stops and goes ? Absurd if you think about it.

    How would you like to be stuck behind these cars on the first few laps on Friday morning in Bahrain ? Keep your head down to avoid flying pieces.

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