Korea to get 30-day inspection

The track appears to be in place, but is that the final surface?

The FIA’s Charlie Whiting is to conduct a final inspection of Korea when he stops off on his way to the Singapore GP.

September 21 is exactly 30 days before the start of the event – which the FIA decrees to be the Thursday of the actual race meeting – rather than the 90 that the rules officially specify (see earlier story).

Meanwhile a photo passed to me by a reader shows an interesting overview of the track. While the outline appears to be complete it’s not clear which parts already have the definitive top surface, and certainly the section on the right appears to need some work.

More worrying is the mess that the surroundings are in, and while he is pushing for it to happen it remains to be seen how Bernie Ecclestone will feel about TV viewers watching a race through a building site.

If the race is cancelled after Whiting’s inspection it will be at considerable inconvenience to everyone in F1 since both freight and team personnel will already have started on a round trip that takes in Singapore, Suzuka and Korea. It leaves very little time to re-route everything.

We also wait to see if the World Motor Sport Council has anything to say about Korea next week. As previously noted if this year’s race is cancelled then it can’t appear on next year’s calendar. At least that’s what the rules say…

We may know a little more after Karun Chandhok drives the Red Bull demo car there tomorrow.


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13 responses to “Korea to get 30-day inspection

  1. Do you know where the pitlane (something else that is missing in that photo) is rejoining the track?

    The FIA/FOM websites have the pitlane rejoining at Turn 1 while KAVO have it situated rather differently with the exit looping around the back of the Turn 1 run-off to join at Turn 2. This photo seems to hint at both eventualities.

    “…it remains to be seen how Bernie Ecclestone will feel about TV viewers watching a race through a building site.”

    It doesn’t seem to bother him at Valencia. 🙂

  2. jabooka

    I was really looking forward seeing F1 cars race on Korean track, as well on any new track, but judging on that photo I can’t see how they can finish it on time. Also, it appears to me that there are just not enough runoff areas on almost all corners. Still, fingers crossed for Korean GP to go ahead as planed.

  3. thewizardweb

    So one grandstand; no run-off areas; paddock a muddy mess; lots of track surfacing to be done; I’ll bet the electrics aren’t working yet either.

    So is this the “South Korean GP sponsored by Caterpillar”?

    I’ll bet Bernie says it’s still better than Interlagos too…

  4. Peter G

    Sure is different from all the ” Glitter & Sparkle” of Abu Dhabi. Maybe its a good idea..Get back to grass roots racing, and tracks like they had years ago.
    Show that photo to a guy who raced in the 1960’s , and he would say……… ” What luxury ! “

    • Steve C

      Well said Peter, I’d like to see more racing not more architecture. Sure the sites are real pretty now but the racing is what we’re after (true F1 fans).

      • Peter G

        Steve C,
        Just picked up my AUTOSPORT 60th Anniversary Issue. Nice to read Adams’ article on SUZUKA.. Great track. !!
        I’ve been there about 30 times.
        BTW..Adam used to stay at my apartment when I lived in Tokyo..
        They were interesting times, weren’t they, Adam ?

  5. kaoru

    Kamui Kobayashi talks to his fans poor Sauber mechanics are to stay a ‘Love hotel’ (lovers use there to intercourse) in korea, which rooms are surrounded by mirrors!

    Moreover he urges them not to go korean GP this year because he doesn’t want them to dislike Formula1 due to it’s poor facilities and inconvenience.


  6. Nick

    That looks terrible. Any idea when the pic was taken? If it’s in the last week or so it’ll be interesting to see how they’re going to stage Chandock’s lap to make it seem like a full one

    Also, I forgot how boring the layout looks regardless. Another Tilke “classic”.

  7. Proesterchen

    I’m sure Bernie can’t be much concerned with optics, he had us watching a race at the fracking derelict docks of Valencia for a couple of years now after all.

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