Chandhok tries Red Bull on “slippery” Korean track

It's him! Check @karunchandhok on Twitter for more pics from Korea

Karun Chandhok has given the Korean organisers a big boost by driving the Red Bull demo car today, effectively demonstrating that the track is in place.

However the Indian says that the surface is very slippery and there’s still a lot to be done. He’s been making some interesting comments on his Twitter page today and in so doing has done more positive PR for the event in one day than the locals have managed by themselves all year:

“Done my first 5 laps of circuit in road car…. Layout looks really interesting actually – 1st half slow and technical but then opens up.”

“4 or 5 mega quick corners which should be fun for the drivers and the first sector should be good for overtaking.”

“Just been out for the first run of an F1 car on the Korean circuit ! Very slippery but fun!!!”

“When the track rubbers up for the race weekend will be very interesting… Got a great flow to it especially in sectors 2 and 3!”

“There’s undoubtedly a lot of work still to be done around the circuit but the Kavo guys seem confident it’ll be done!”

Later Red Bull issued more quotes from Karun, while also thanking HRT for loaning him out: “It’s a really interesting layout. The track’s got a good mix of corners and I think we’ll see a lot of overtaking in the first sector – there are long straights into slow hairpins. The straight after turn one and two is really long, so we may see some good slip streaming there, like in Shanghai. From turn seven onwards, there’s a fast section of flowing corners all the way back to the start-finish line – so I think the Red Bull Racing guys will be happy in sectors two and three. It’s an interesting layout.

“Looking at the facilities, the garages and team buildings look pretty much finished and they’re big! I think teams will need to bring around 30% more furniture to fill them! The grandstands also look reasonably finished. The track itself needs a bit more work on the asphalt and the kerbs, but the organisers think it’s all within their time-lines and are confident that it will be ready on time. And the locations nice, we’re overlooking the sea.

“There’s certainly some enthusiasm for F1 here. There are a lot of people at the event today, which wasn’t heavily publicised, and there’s a lot of media, which shows an interest. The organisers say they have sold a significant amount of tickets, so it should be a good race. It’s been great to drive the Red Bull car again and thanks to my team, HRT F1, for letting me complete this demonstration run.”

For more words and pics try @karunchandhok over the weekend.

Karun's pic of the crowd - although presumably they are watching him!


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9 responses to “Chandhok tries Red Bull on “slippery” Korean track

  1. Prisoner Monkeys

    I find Chandhok’s reaction to the circuit interesting. I know a lot of fans have been attacking it for having too many corners, but I suspect some of them are decepitvely tight and that the racing line through it will only vaguely resemble the actual shape of the corners. I watched the videos of the circuit in F1 2010, and I have to say … I was well and truly lost in that final section. It’s a real labyrinth If it’s anything like that in real life, it’s going to be interesting – drivers could easily get lost and make mistakes.

  2. The pics on autosport and vids on YouTube of the event look a little scarey. The only ones I’ve seen were around the pit area and it looked very unfinished. It’ll be interesting to see if an onboard surfaces so we can see the rest of the track but it looks like they’ve got a lot of work to do – especially in the run-off area department!

  3. So the track exists 😀
    Anyway, from my point of view, I think Bernie would have forced the drivers to race between the scaffolds, instead losing a race 😉

  4. Nicolas Bihan

    Good news for the Korean GP.
    Better news for Red Bull. They have now a lot of datas and will be able to prepare the GP when others will have to guess.
    I’m very surprised the other teams didn’t protest about this test.

    • Prisoner Monkeys

      The teams already know everything there is to know about the circuit. They get all the data from the circuit construction and input them into their simulators. They’ll go into South Korea with a very good idea of the setup they’ll be needing; everything on Friday and Saturday will be for the sake of fine-tuning that setup.

  5. Peter


    Call me old fashioned, but this pic shows the track in less favourable light…

  6. Well here we go. It does look like quite a fun track but SO much work to do!

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