Lewis Hamilton: wing choice “a bit of a mistake…”

Lewis Hamilton was not in a happy frame of mind after qualifying fifth in Italy, and he admits that the decision to run with no F-Duct but with a low drag Monza wing has backfired.

Team mate Jenson Button chose to go with the F-Duct and a bigger wing, and will start from second place.

Hamilton found that the car was sliding around too much in qualifying trim and conceded that choosing it was a mistake.

“It would appear so, maybe we took the wrong route,” said a clearly frustrated Hamilton after the session. “What can I say? I’m a little bit disappointed, I think we should have been higher up. Jenson did a good job, but I think we had the wrong wing on, maybe.

“We decided as a team just to use it, it looked good so we decided to stick with it. I have good high speed, but I can’t follow through the corners, so it will be tough tomorrow.

“I think it had quite a big impact on the end result. I struggled quite a lot on each tyre and I just didn’t have the downforce. A wrong choice, a bit of a mistake.

“The Q3 laps were terrible I think, they weren’t very good laps. But I have no downforce on the car, so I’m pushing as hard as I can, and the car was sliding everywhere. I can’t push any harder than what the car would give me, and it won’t give me any more.”

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