Gutierrez confirmed for Sauber test role in 2011

Mexican teenager Esteban Gutierrez has been confirmed as Sauber test and reserve driver for 2011, inevitably increasingly speculation that his main backer Telmex will join forces with the Swiss team.

Gutierrez, who only turned 19 in August,  had a chance to test a BMW Sauber last December as a prize for winning the Formula BMW Europe title. He has been affiliated with the team this year in an informal junior role.  He will get his first mileage in his new job at the Abu Dhabi young driver tests after the season finale.

Gutierrez won the GP3 title this year with the ART team. He told this blog at Monza that he was in no hurry to get an F1 race seat as “I want to arrive prepared.”

Peter Sauber said: “Esteban is extremely mature for his age, and it has been a great pleasure to have him with us a great deal of the time this year as an affiliated driver. The team was rooting for him during his intelligent fighting performances in the GP3 Series. We are confident he will continue to develop strongly. With his modest manner and keen desire to learn, he has also made himself very popular among the team.”
Meanwhile Gutierrez says he learned from being close to the team this year: “That way I learnt a great deal about the professionalism and practical procedures in the Formula One team. Plus, in early September I had an opportunity to attend the team’s fitness camp with the two team drivers. Formula One is my ambition, and I’m really grateful to Peter Sauber for his confidence in me and my ability.”


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3 responses to “Gutierrez confirmed for Sauber test role in 2011

  1. oh man, I feel so old now – Anybody watching F1 in 1991 when this kid was born?

    I did…

  2. poul

    Me too, I started following F1 in 1976, that was James Hunt and Niki Lauda that year. I can still remember that time as was it last year… But what did I do the day before to day?

  3. Anna

    Your friends at Autosport seem to have gone obsessed about Renault and the Russian money, but they definitely forget to check the facts its seems more interesting that the team statement says…so here is some nice information they forgot to mention

    …there was a small thing that Renault left out from the press release when they so bullish announced a new russian sponsor who is “attracted to the team by Vitaly Petrov’s promising debut season as Russia’s first ever F1 driver”

    the sponsor has interesting connection to Petrov himself… his father is sitting in the member of bord, no wonder they they think that Petrov has done a promising debut season!

    As a russian I would say that thats not called attracting new sponsors, thats called asking for a favor from a family member… The russian market is definitely not in a good state at the moment so I doubt Renault are going to attract new sponsors who actually is attracted to Petrovs performance this year ie hasn’t strong family connection to Petrov… I think that Renault is living in a dreamworld that doesn’t exist at the moment.

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