Fernando Alonso: “We know we are not competitive…”

Fernando Alonso insists that Ferrari did a “perfect job” in Bahrain with the car it currently has – but he acknowledges that the team is not performing at a high enough level.

Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen could manage only ninth and 10th places, having struggled with lack of straightline speed when fighting other cars.

“It was tough, no doubt,” said Alonso. “We would like to do better than what we did today. We will have better Sundays, for sure. On the other hand I think the team did a perfect job. We solved the problem we had yesterday, we changed a few parts, we were not sure which one was the cause of the power loss of yesterday.

“The car was performing at its maximum today. The start was great, the strategy was good, the pit stops were good, so I think we maximised what we had in our hands.

“This was thanks to a good job, but on the other hand we know we are not competitive at the moment, we’re struggling a little bit, especially with top speed, and when you start at the back and you need to battle that is a benefit.”

Alonso still refuses to accept that Mercedes cannot be caught.

“They are strong, no doubt, but we’re still thinking that we can catch up. Why not? It’s only the third race in the championship, a long way to go. We saw also Brawn GP winning the first five or six races that year [2009] and Red Bull at the end of the year nearly caught up with them. We need to work, it’s not time to talk, it’s not time to make excuses, we are not good enough and we will do better.

“It’s not going to be easy, we know that. There are a couple of things in plan, there is also not the power itself, it’s also the aerodynamic efficiency we can improve. We will work day and night, starting from this week, we have two days testing in Bahrain. Hopefully in China we’ll see the first step.”


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7 responses to “Fernando Alonso: “We know we are not competitive…”

  1. petes

    Pretty positive there Fred.
    Think you might need to tweak Luca’s ears though, he needs an attitude adjustment to get to sharing your belief.

  2. PaulM

    I keep reading this hoping to read some interesting comments/views from AC (like Joe seaward), but it’s just stuff that we all heard on TV. Blogs should be personal views (and interesting). This could be so much better.

  3. Frank

    He could not have said clearer that the car is shit.
    They would have been 11th and 12th if the McLarens had finished.
    Ferrari can´t kill Costa like they did last time. Will it be Domenicali or Fry?

  4. Aljo

    I know that plenty of other factors were involved, but how does it look when Ferrari with 2 world champions can only finish 3 and 4 places ahead of the Ferrari powered Marussia driven by Max Chilton ?

    • They have to build a better car…

      • GeorgeK

        Is it the car or the power unit? Look at how well all of the Mercedes powered teams performed, Force India and Williams.

        Even the brilliant Adrian Newey can’t over come the sluggard performance of the Renault this year.

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