Ferrari a “team that never surrenders,” says Montezemolo

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo warned his team that they ‘have not won anything yet’ and cautioned them to prepare properly for the last two races of the season.

Montezemolo was speaking to the Scuderia employees at the traditional post victory gathering at Maranello.

“First of all, I want to congratulate and thank you all, because this great fight-back is down to you,” said Montezemolo. “In these last few races, we have seen Ferrari working perfectly, both at the track and at home. This is the image of the team I like to see projected to the outside world, one of a team of competent and capable people, proud to represent a winning side of Italy, which was clearly visible in the faces of those you who stood beneath the podium on Sunday.

“I was happy to see Fernando once again proving to be very strong and focussed, not putting a foot wrong and I was also pleased to see Felipe back on the podium, going into his home race, where I have no doubt, he will enjoy a great weekend.

“We were not useless before and we have not become genii now, we are just a team that never surrenders. However, we have not actually won anything yet. I have said this to all of you before – each one of us must aim for pole in our own roles, going about our business in a level headed fashion, with concentration and determination, then we can add up the figures in Abu Dhabi.”

Meanwhile team principal Stefano Domenicali said: “Now comes the hard part and that’s something we must bear in mind. Over the next three weeks, we have to do everything perfectly – reliability, the work at the track and at home and preparation for the race. These are things we are well used to, but it still merits repetition.

“I have always said that this year, keeping a cool head is what will make the difference and we must not get carried away with the words of praise, just as we did not get downhearted by the criticism in the most difficult moments. We should leave unguarded enthusiasm at the door.”


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2 responses to “Ferrari a “team that never surrenders,” says Montezemolo

  1. Well said, Ferrari men! That’s the spirit!

  2. bla bla bla Luca, more PR spin. It certainly helped when your team blocked every attempt to race at Korea through Alonso’s radio communication. After all a wet race would have been an unpleasant ‘equaliser’ and risked a further retirement like in spa. Ferrari have got away for years with preferential treatment from the FIA, from receiving more television money than the other teams to political decisions because they are “Ferrari” and they are so great. I am not denying the conditions were tough and undoubtedly more dangerous with the new racing surface, but is that not part of the challenge? There have been far more dangerous races which have taken place like in Brazil 2003 or Fuji 2007. Ferrari must be laughing as they managed to con everyone into stopping the race when it did not suit them and got the race running in their most favourable circumstances and walked away with a 1-3! I would have loved to know what Lotus, Virgin and HRT’s radio communications were saying because another 7 or 8 racing laps which we should have had and more retirements could have taken them up the field and possibly into the points!

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