Rubens Barrichello: “I just ran out of tyres…”

Rubens pulls into parc ferme, his intermediates nearly turned to slicks

Rubens Barrichello was frustrated to lose valuable positions in Korea after his worn out intermediate tyres went off a few laps from the end.

Barrichello dropped from fifth to seventh place in the closing laps as Robert Kubica and Tonio Liuzzi both went past, crucially costing Williams the chance to claim sixth place in the World Championship from Force India.

“It was just unfortunate that we lost to Liuzzi,” said the Brazilian. “I just ran out of tyres. I just had no rear tyres left. I think we’re quite good in qualifying, because we use the tyres quite well. And in the race we might be a bit too heavy on it.

“I was running in conservative mode behind Michael, and he was all over the place. I thought, ‘Yeah, I’m going to have a go.’ All of a sudden it was like a switch, the tyres were gone. I still think it was positive, with so many people crashing out.”

Barrichello says that conditions were very bad during the race, and he was concerned that the race ran into darkness to such an extent.

“It was… unsafe. Curiously, the problem that we had in Fuji for example some years ago was aquaplaning. The aquaplaning word was never here. It was only visibility, and visibility with the walls was very bad. You could argue that the race started a bit too early or not, but we were safe, so we were doing the business OK. Luckily the water started to go down. And everything was running smooth. But I think the race should have stopped five or six laps before.

“I have the record in Fiorano, because Fiorano when it didn’t have those time restrictions you could run as long as you had it, and in the summer I had 9.36pm when I went out. It was as dark as this, honestly, it was unbelievably dark!

“All the directions for the race were taken into good consideration, and we were safe. It was right to put the red flag, and it was right to do this. Maybe the race started a bit too early, but it was OK to start. With all of that, I think to be perfect, we should have stopped five to six laps earlier.”

Meanwhile Rubens was positive about the GPDA’s relationship with FIA President Jean Todt, after a meeting on Saturday.

“It was OK. We had three to four items to talk about, and he was very open. He had two drivers that he worked with already, and I think with Felipe he has a very good relationship, because of Nicolas [Todt]. It was OK. All we want as GPDA is to be closer on the future of the sport, so whenever they created a new wing or a new car or a new circuit, we should have a vote. And this is quite good, he has been very receptive.”

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