Ross Brawn: “We’re just getting everything working properly”

Ross Brawn says he was encouraged by the performance of Michael Schumacher in the Korean GP, where the German equalled his season best result of fourth place.

Although flattered by the retirements of three cars ahead, Schumacher nevertheless did a good job to stay out of trouble and put in a much stronger showing than in previous wet races this year.

“We’re getting there,” said Brawn. “It’s probably taken a bit longer than we expected, but we’re getting there. I keep seeing these really good parts, we just need to put everything together now for next year.”

Brawn said that the light was becoming an issue for Michael: “It was getting close. Michael was asking how he’d turn down the brightness of the display as it was getting distracting. So it was right on the limit. Another few laps I think the drivers would have been complaining.”

Ross said that he team had given some consideration to a late change to fresher tyres. Although his change was prompted by a puncture, Nico Hulkenberg showed that fresh rubber generated much better lap times.

“We kept looking at the numbers. The trouble was getting through the traffic. That was the thing that was unpredictable. You saw how much chaos was there back there. We really didn’t want to get involved in that. We saw the rain moving in, which obviously missed us in the end. We said to Michael there might be a bit of rain at the end of the race, make sure the tyres have got something left in them.”

Meanwhile Brawn admitted he was frustrated by the loss of Nico Rosberg when Mark Webber crashed in front of him. Had the German got through unscathed, he would have been runner-up.

“He was going to be second wasn’t he? But you never know. He was very happy with the car. If is F1 spelled backwards isn’t it? He was going very well, very comfortable with the car, and looking very strong.”

Meanwhile Mercedes continues to look strong despite switching development to the 2011 car some time ago.

“I think we’re just getting everything working properly. We’ve got the fastest straight line speed here, so we’ve got the F-Duct working properly. I think because we’re not changing a lot of things we’re understanding how to set the car up. It’s really just consolidation, which is a lesson. We’ve learned things from the last few races.

“This was a very strong circuit for the F-Duct, so it’s been helpful. The last two circuits will both be relevant.”


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7 responses to “Ross Brawn: “We’re just getting everything working properly”

  1. Cyrus

    “Although flattered by the retirements of three cars ahead, Schumacher nevertheless did a good job”

    This is a statement you can only hear from a brit press person! As if no one gained anything! Alonso gained because of the 2 redbull dnf! Hamilton gained! Massa gained & everyone else gained positions! Michael Schumacher atleast overtook Jenson Button & Robert Kubica!

    And had Michael performed the way Jenson did in Korea you journos would again be asking for Michael to retire!

    • I am just making the point that had the race run ‘normally’ he would have finished seventh and potentially three places behind his team mate. So let’s keep our feet on the ground. And it’s a bit pathetic to bring my nationality into it. I have known Michael for more than 20 years and have been defending him all year. Some of his biggest critics seem to come from a country called Germany…

  2. poul

    Hi Adam
    To much jetlag? No reason to get up in the red zone.:-) I also think it was a pretty negative comment for a result that come after over taking 2 drivers in better cars one even the worldchamp. But it was very describing for Alonsos result as I see it and he is hailed as a winner:-) in the press

    • Sorry but as I said before once people start bringing nationalities of writers into it they are the one with the problem, not me. The fact is Michael could well have driven exactly the same race and finished seventh. Still a good job, but maybe not as impressive in the stats. And this is nothing to do with Alonso. Where have I written that he did an amazing job and was a deserving winner?

  3. poul

    I can not seen anywhere that there are any links to your nationality. You did not write that Alonso did a amazing job it was me who thinks that the description: “Although flattered by the retirements of three(only 2 for Alonso) cars ahead, Schumacher/Alonso nevertheless did a good job” fits Alonsos race

  4. tom baker

    Mercedes have certainly looked much “racier” the last two events. The car is now able to run away from all but the top three, and they were able to challenge the McMercs in the damp conditions.

  5. MattF1

    Hey Adam

    I enjoy your articles, but I thought the comment was little negative, given that I thought you, of all people, know that F1 is not about ‘what could have been’ had it been a ‘normal’ race.

    As that old cliche goes, to finish first, you first have to finish.

    Schumi hardly looked trouble all afternoon, I thought it was a great drive, putting passing moves together on, in my humble opinion, one of, if not the best driver of 2010 Robert Kubica and the current world Jenson.

    Pretty impressive.

    Hopefully with a better base to work off next year, Michael can fight at the front again. Not saying another title is possible, although you never know, but I would love to see him on the podium and winning races again.

    Keep up the good work Adam

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