Marussia takes stake in Virgin Racing

In case you haven't seen one, this is a Marussia. Nice...

Supercar maker Marussia Motors has taken a ‘significant shareholding’ in Virgin Racing.

The team will be known as Marussia Virgin Racing in 2011 as the Russian company tries to increase its profile internationally.

Marussia boss Nikolay Fomenko said: “This is the realisation of a dream for Marussia Motors. While manufacturing, launching and marketing the Marussia B1, B2 and other concepts in Europe we will have an F1 team to promote these activities and demonstrate to the world that a new car manufacturer has arrived from Russia with truly international ambitions.”

Marussia was founded in 2007 by Fomenko, a TV presenter and sometime racing driver. It has not yet delivered any cars to customers but show appearances have attracted attention.


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4 responses to “Marussia takes stake in Virgin Racing

  1. Gucha

    Adam, I think you got it wrong here. The picture posted has nothing to do with the cars Marussia makes. Here is their website:

  2. 4u1e

    “It has not yet delivered any cars to customers”

    Does this fill anyone else with a sense of dread? I suspect Manor/Virgin/Marussia will go through a few years similar to Jordan/MF1/Spyker/Force India before (hopefully) emerging as a solid midfield team.

    F1 has drifted into a nationalistic franchise system. It’s like Abramovich bought Chelsea, then entered it as a Russian team in the Champions League…

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