Ferrari renames car F150th Italia…

Ferrari has reacted quickly to the threat of legal action from Ford by renaming its 2011 car as the ‘F150th Italia.’

The name emerged on the Ferrari website today in a routine story about progress with the car at the Jerez test, while Ferrari also republished its January 25th story – where the F150 name was first announced – exactly as before, but with the new name in place. Other stories have been rewritten as recent history is revised in Orwellian fashion.

The original test story read: “The first day of testing for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro got off on the right foot at the Cheste circuit, near Valencia. Before the lunch break, Fernando Alonso completed just over two hundred kilometres at the wheel of the Ferrari F150th Italia.”

There has been no further explanation thus far.

Yesterday Ford launched a legal action in Detroit over the use of a name that the American giant has used since 1975.


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8 responses to “Ferrari renames car F150th Italia…

  1. mayon

    Nice PR move, Ford. I’m sure Ferrari had no intention to mess with the trucks (they are likely unaware of the existence of such machine). Besides, the Ford has a dash in the name.

  2. **Paul**

    Shame, I had my heart set on them naming it FU150 🙂

    • F1 Kitteh

      Its tricky name to pronounce, but is it F150 th-Italia. Some people cannot do the ‘th’ sound very well and it just sounds like a ‘F’ 😀

  3. Louis

    It reads like “F 1/50th Italia”… when I visited Italy, I saw a lot of examples of their mangling of the English language, this sounds like one of those…

    Is it a Ferrari F-0.02 Italia then?

    Ferrari F-2cents Italia?

  4. Louis

    One last thought, since they’re celebrating their homeland, why not use Roman numerals. F-CL Italia. As a bonus it can be pronounced F-150, but those Yanks won’t have a case…

  5. Lustigson

    I love what Louis said: Ferrari F-CL.

  6. Stone the crows

    “L’Italia di F cento e cinquantesimo,” (or words to that effect). Knowing the Italian press, they’ll call it the “Italia” if it wins, and the “Ford” if it doesn’t.

  7. tom baker

    Ford has to be the only entity on Planet Earth that saw any connection between the F150 and their pickup truck.

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