Tony Fernandes: “The good always win…”

Tony Fernandes has reiterated that he’s not giving up in the fight to retain the use of the Lotus name in 2011.

The argument between Team Lotus and Group Lotus will reach the UK courts next week.

Speaking on Twitter today, Fernandes likened the situation to Ron Dennis taking over McLaren.

In a series of Tweets Fernandes wrote: “Let’s get a few things straight. U set up a separate company from car company to protect car company from racing up and downs. Company goes into liquidation. Bought by david hunt. 16 years no racing. Team bought from david hunt by nasa din and tony. We are no different from ron dennis at mcclaren. End of story.

“Ron dennis didn’t start mccalren bruce mcclaren did. Proton and dany bahr didn’t start group lotus. Colin Chapman did. What’s the difference. Proton own group lotus and din me and nasa own team lotus.

“And lotus renault is a renault end of story. Mcclaren is maclaren is not vodafone and mercedes is mercedes not petronas mercedes or a petronas car. End of story.

“And can someone tell me who owns renault and genii. So many different names.

“Not much said about david hunt. All I can say he is the most honorable man in all of this. Moody at times but his love for lotus brand is immense.

“More to come on my feeling and the truth on this lotus saga. The good always win…”

If you haven’t already found it Tony’s entertaining Twitter account is @tonyfernandes…


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5 responses to “Tony Fernandes: “The good always win…”

  1. Jon

    Go Tony!

    Team Lotus is the only Lotus on the grid this year. Good to see all F1 journalists refering to the team as Renault still. Most ridiculous sponsorship idea since the t-minus Arrows debacle!

  2. I wonder when Renault will take Group Lotus and Genii to court for using their name in F1? 😉

  3. Ben G

    Go Group.

    If racing Team Lotus as a separate entity was so important to Fernandes, then why did herun as ‘Lotus Racing’ in 2010 under the approval of Group Lotus?

  4. Either because David Hunt needed to be convinced before selling the rights or because Proton were cheaper.

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