First glimpse of the Mercedes MGP W02

Merc released the pic this PM after giving Bild a morning scoop...

The Mercedes MGP W02 has emerged in Bild Am Sonntag, in what the paper claims as a World exclusive, prior to its official launch on Tuesday.

The head-on picture doesn’t give too much away, other than showing that the car has a very different airbox/rollhoop arrangement and possibly a higher nose. The front wing appears to be from last year.

It also confirms that the car has a new silver livery with less of a matt finish, while the Petronas signage is now white on turquoise. And it has Pirelli stickers!

Bild Am Sonntag has revealed the new Mercedes


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5 responses to “First glimpse of the Mercedes MGP W02

  1. Peter G

    I swear I was looking at a RED BULL painted silver.
    The airbox regulations changed this year as well.
    All the best from Bangkok airport….Back to OZ tonight..

    Peter G ( ex Ogikubo , Tokyo )

  2. Proesterchen

    Wow, that roll-hoop/airbox-arrangement looks ugly as hell. What could you possibly put up there that wouldn’t be better packaged somewhere else?

    But I guess it would be keeping traditions with last year’s challenger?

  3. F1 Kitteh

    I swear I’ve seen this car in blue before…. but just can’t get my head around when it was … hmmm…

  4. Tom Chiverton

    Will lots of people be launching a ‘new’ car that has the previous years wings on then ? I can see this being useful for the first test, where you want a solid base to compare with, plus it delays giving away much to the other teams a bit longer; front wings being one of the few visible areas where innovation is still done.

  5. Tom Chiverton

    Also, I think this is just a rendering, zoom in on the tyres, they look very wrong, and there is what looks like a pasting glitch across the front of the nose.

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