Kimi Raikkonen: “We’re never happy if we’re not winning…”

Kimi Raikkonen made it to the podium for the fourth time in five races in 2013 with a solid second place in Spain.

The result keeps the Finn in the World Championship fight, and along with Sebastian Vettel he is one of just two drivers to have scored in every race.

Raikkonen looked like a challenger for victory until Fernando Alonso passed him on track at a point when both men had just one stop left.

“Obviously, we were leading, but when we were on old tyres and he had newer tyres, it’s too easy to overtake,” said Raikkonen. “There’s no point to really fight against [him] because you cannot hold him behind. I knew if I could somehow stay a bit more closer, even with old tyres, maybe I have some chance, even if I’m already behind and will be with old tyres in the end, but you never know.

“But they were just too fast. He had a good start around the outside of me. I don’t think the end result really was decided there, but we just did a different way of doing the race. We’re never happy if we’re not winning. We’re only here to try to win.

“But we kind of caught up with Vettel few points, and obviously Fernando caught me up by some points, but we’re still in the hunt. We’ll keep ourselves there and hopefully in the future just try to win a bit more.

“I think we had the speed, but we should have done it differently. Maybe more pit stops, then you can push all the time – but I think this was our best way of doing the race. That’s what we planned and that’s what we did and I think we deserved to be second and not really winning today. It’s OK for the team, the guys did a good job and we go for the next race to try to do better and get the best out of it.”

Regarding his title hopes he said: “It will not be easy. Everybody wants to win it, but sometimes you have a bad day. You try to minimise those and make the most out of them and give yourself a chance to be up there and fight for wins. I think if you can do that often it will give a good chance in the end to fight for the championship. It’s only a five race-old season, so there’s an awful lot to be raced. We’ll see what happens. We’ll try to do well and see where we are in the end.”

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One response to “Kimi Raikkonen: “We’re never happy if we’re not winning…”

  1. Gitla Mkatini

    Not pushing too hard and having fewer stops than the other guys will ensure reliability as the engine, gear box etc will not be strained and few DNFs or no DNFs at all. The strategy is going to pay from the middle and towards the final races of F1.

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