Video: Kubica surgeon explains operation

A video has shown up on YouTube of Prof Igor Rossello explaining – in English – the details of Robert Kubica’s operation.

As mentioned here earlier, Rossello makes it clear that it will be a year before Kubica can hope to have proper use of his right arm again, explaining that the first job was to “reconstruct the whole anatomy of the forearm.”

The video, which begins with shots of Fernando Alonso visiting the hospital, originates from Il Vostro Giornale.


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4 responses to “Video: Kubica surgeon explains operation

  1. Mark J

    Appreciate all the up to date info today Adam. I have been keeping an eye of the progress all day through your Twitter and Blog. Power of the internet today makes up to date and accurate reporting really helpful for us fans. Hoping to hear good stories about Kubica’s progress in the coming days. After watching the Youtube clip its sounds like a very nasty crash. So fingers and toes crossed for a speedy recovery, would love to see him in racing an F1 car as soon as possible.

  2. Thanks for the great reporting on this horrible accident. We wish Robert a speedy recovery.

  3. Wow. Interesting. FORZA ROBERT

  4. andrewh

    Good of Fernando to offer support so quickly, first class guy!

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