New video shows Kubica accident aftermath

YouTube continues to throw more light on the Robert Kubica accident, and today a video emerged from the car that was running behind the Pole on the stage yesterday.

Although it shows the crashed car – shortly after 3mins in – it does not  show any uncomfortable detail, so I feel it’s appropriate to use here on the basis that it indicates just how committed Robert is to rallying in wanting to tackle a stage that looks, to say the least, like a major challenge.

Full marks too for the drivers concerned for stopping to help, as is the way in rallying.


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5 responses to “New video shows Kubica accident aftermath

  1. Hare

    Also shows how fortunate he was not to loose his life. It’s a bit of a freak accident. Although, that stage does look like it dares you to tempt it.

    Long drops, narrow roads, armcover endings here and there. It’s a dangerous challenging, and no doubt exciting stage to drive!

  2. jabooka

    That just looked horrible and shocking to say the least. This rally crew deserves praises, even, as you have mentioned, helping other crews in case of accident in rallying is normal.

    I am involved in motorsport as timekeeper/marshal, and the most devastating thing that could happen at competition that you are part of is to have this kind of accident. And you just can’t get rid of that sour, bad feeling that you could do something to prevent that accident, even when it is absolutely out of your hands.

    My thoughts are with Kubica and his family.

  3. Alex Yarnell

    To want to drive that on your day off is amazing – these racing guys really are made of sterner stuff- wishing RK all the very best.

  4. F1 Kitteh

    I’d imagine it looks fairly stressful to go along that road even at regular speed, and they do this for fun?!

  5. bem

    I’m sure half of my grey hair comes from watching the onboard cameras in WRC and similar rallyes, it’s like watching your son playing at the jungle gym. You know they’re having a ton of fun, but at the same time you know it can all go wrong in the blink of an eye…

    Kubica’s one of the best and nicest drivers out there. I hope he recovers fully and quickly so he can get back to having fun. And props to the surgeons, doctors, nurses and emergency crew who looked after him.

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