Perez escapes injury in Monaco shunt

Perez had a lucky escape - his helmet was unmarked

Sergio Perez has escaped with no serious injuries from his huge crash in qualifying in Monaco.

Despite the severity of the accident his helmet was unmarked, although the headrest foam did its job and was cracked.

He will have to pass FIA tests before he is allowed to race in Montreal.

Sauber released a short statement as follows: “It was with great relief the Sauber F1 Team received the news that Sergio Pérez has no serious injuries after his heavy accident in the closing minutes of the final part of qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix. Shortly before 15:00 hrs he had crashed into the barrier after the fast tunnel section of the circuit.

“The 21-year-old Mexican was taken to the Hospital Princess Grace in Monaco from where the team received further information at 16:25 hrs: The doctors said Pérez had suffered concussion and a sprained thigh, but no broken bones and, following a scan, they could find no further injuries.

“The reason for the accident will be investigated and the team will update the media as soon as it has any further information.”


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3 responses to “Perez escapes injury in Monaco shunt

  1. We wish Mr. Sergio Perez a speedy and complete recovery.

  2. Horribly scary when it crosses to an onboard shot and there’s no movement.

    Glad he’s relatively ok. I’m a fan of his I have to say – I was excited that he got in to the top 10 as his car control from the onboards looked fantastic.

    I can’t help but wonder why he was on te left side of the track right before the incident? Had he just let someone through or something?

  3. pjg

    Stomach leapt into my throat while watching the crash. Sergio’s a supreme future talent. Very, very glad to hear that he was not severely hurt. His performance at Monaco looked to be amazing up to the crash. His GP2 experience validates that series.

    Kudos to the FIA, the teams, and the brave drivers willing to speak up about safety.

    But most of all a smile for Sergio’s health.

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