Renault Update: Kubica is “ready to fight for his comeback”

Lotus Renault issued the following update today:

“Today, Robert’s general condition has once again improved. According to the doctors, the levels of inflammation are in the norm considering his medical condition, and the recovery of his forearm remains encouraging.

“Yesterday, Robert was able to talk to his doctors and relatives. His medication makes him sleep quite a lot, but he is responding to all external stimulation. He has reacted well to the news about his condition and is ready to fight for his comeback.

“On Thursday, Robert should undergo some more surgery in order to stabilise the fractures to his right shoulder and right foot. Three or four days later, another operation will allow his elbow fracture to be stabilised as well.

“Robert will remain at the Santa Corona Hospital for two to three weeks. A decision will then be taken about where he should go in order to continue his rehabilitation.”

Eric Boullier and Vitaly Petrov visited Kubica today.

“We were about a quarter of an hour with Robert: we joked and we found it very well,” Boullier told Il Vostro Giornale. “Of course he immediately wanted to know the team schedules for this season. Meanwhile, we will search for the replacement of Kubica. The names at stake are those of the Senna, Liuzzi and Heidfield. The team is close to Robert, we are waiting with open arms and hope he can return by the end of the season.”

Meanwhile a computer simulation of the crash has popped up on the web:


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6 responses to “Renault Update: Kubica is “ready to fight for his comeback”

  1. Kitchen cynic

    That is nasty. Lucky boy.

  2. Incredibly lucky. That sheet of metal could have done unimaginable damage. Very best wishes to Kubica on a speedy recovery. He’ll be back.

  3. Eje G

    Only one thing wrong with the animation. It was not one single solid barrier, that broke. There where two barriers. If you review the video of the driver coming after you can see that the first barrier ends as a normal barrier and you can see the “normal” barrier start on the piece that was rammed through the car. One problem is those guard rails are not curved enough at the end and don’t have enough crumple zone that is required by many nations today to avoid exactly this very problem if crashing into the end of the crash barrier.

    Also everyone that been on the scene reports that there was a gap between the two barriers and not a single solid one.

  4. SimonJ

    He is so so lucky to be in one piece really. They both are

  5. Burnout

    The simulation is very good, but inaccurate in one detail. As per the co-pilot words, the opening in the guardrail was already there. It was not produced by the impact.

  6. Stone the crows

    Yes, very fortunate, that could have been fatal. Prayers for him to recover quickly and have the full use of his arm and hand. Its quite a shame, as it looked like he was going to have a very good Formula One season.

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