Senna and Heidfeld set to test Renault at Jerez

Lotus Renault GP has confirmed that Nick Heidfeld and Bruno Senna will drive the R31 in Jerez this week, after Vitaly Petrov has done the first two days in the car.

The team says that the German is a candidate for the seat, and while he now looks highly likely to get the job, there’s no guarantee that Renault doesn’t have other options.

A short statement from the team tonight said: “Vitaly will drive the R31 on Thursday and Friday, as originally scheduled. For Saturday and Sunday, the team will give mileage to Bruno Senna and will also evaluate Nick Heidfeld, who is a potential replacement for Robert Kubica as a race driver. The exact running order for the weekend will be confirmed on Friday

Given the fact that he is free of any contractual obligations, Heidfeld is an obvious candidate for the job. His CV includes a pole, eight second places, and four thirds. Last year he did some early testing for Pirelli and did the last few races for Sauber after Pedro de la Rosa  was dropped. He was also Kubica’s BMW team mate.


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10 responses to “Senna and Heidfeld set to test Renault at Jerez

  1. Vincent LS

    And he score more points than Kubica in their three seasons as teammates, he got more podium and finished in a better place in the championship in 2007 and 2009.

    • mO

      Yep, the Almighty Heidfeld. That must be why he was so highly sought after this past off season! /sarcasm
      He never quite impressed like Kubica did, or win like Kubica did for that matter, but he is the best experienced guy not currently signed to a seat. Aside from Kimi of course.

  2. Simon Benedict

    Never since Martin Brundle drove for Benetton in 1992 has there been a driver more under-rated than Nick Heidfeld.

    He deserves this chance.

  3. gabriel

    Definetly a sensible choice as a benchmark of the experienced drivers. He is a risk free commodity but with limitations. I would not waste my time either with Liuzzi or de la Rosa because they haven´t achieve anything with years of oportunity to come with something. But I would give a chance testing either Bourdais or Klien as the experienced because they are good and in the short time or team that they have been there might have been a handicap to develop but have shown signs of a good drive. Also Hulkenberg to see the speed of the newcomers and then base my decicion

  4. Simon Benedict

    Wow, the BBC is on poor form tonight.
    “Heidfeld ‘handed’ a chance”, pretty poor taste.
    This piece also says Kubica is 16!

  5. 8 second places! It seems that the black mark against him is consistency, I’m sure that he will be the best option for the seat. I can imagine that despite the circumstances he cannot believe his luck. Good car, wet race, an accident, safety car, who knows…..

    It goes without saying, get well soon.

  6. kaoru

    Absolutely reasonable choice Lotus Renault GP can make among drivers in the market. It’s no-brainer to reach the answer.

    Too many German drivers in the field this year as well, though…

  7. Agree with Simon Benedict, Nick is the most underrated driver in some years; only Mark Webber comes close. Hopefully this year everyone’s too busy watching Vettel and Mark can get in under the radar; he’s earned a couple of seasons in really good cars. But I’m getting off-topic. The point that I actually wanted to make is that because Kubica would be familiar with Nick’s set-up quirks and preferances, he would find it easier to transition back into the car if Nick’s been running it, an added advantage to the team and one that might prove decisive.

  8. Suzie_j

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a large reason for Nick’s ‘steady’ reputation down to a lot of the conservative strategies that Sauber would often use?

  9. Heidfeld deserves this chance more than anybody else. Period. In fact, he deserves a seat more than at least five or six drives from this season’s roster.

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