Kubica determined to come back soon

Robert Kubica has given his first interview to the media since his accident, and has made it clear that he wants to be back in the course of the 2011 season.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Pole said that he had bounced back stronger from previous setbacks, namely the road accident in 2003 that left him with a badly broken left arm, and the spectacular crash in Montreal four years ago.

“It happened in 2007, after the crash in Canada,” he said. “There are skills and motivation that will come out, I’ll be stronger as a driver.

“The fingers work, the arm also. But I have to work and only then will I know”.

Kubica says he remembers nothing of the accident. He also apologised for the shock that he’d given his parents, and thanked the F1 personalities – including Fernando Alonso, Tonio Liuzzi, Jean Alesi and Flavio Briatore – who have been to visit him.

“It was nice to see Briatore, an exceptional person. Then I saw Alonso, Lopez, Petrov, Alesi, Liuzzi: beautiful, the track does not let you ever see the true face of the people.”

He also said he wasn’t sure if he would continue to take part in rallies, although he insisted that participating had helped to make him a better driver.

Kubica will undergo further surgery today on injuries that the doctors did not prioritise in the initial seven-hour operation on Sunday.


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3 responses to “Kubica determined to come back soon

  1. This is such a great News.
    Thanks for these info, Happy to know he is that determined and even if he can not make it for the first part of 2011, I really believe he will be back in 2012.
    Get well and keep fighting Robert.
    Thanks you to the family, his manager Briatore, Renault Team and hos frend Alonso.

  2. Stone the crows

    A strong positive attitude and having a goal mean a lot in a man’s recovery. Wish him the very best, and yes I do think that at the very least we’ll see him at a race this year, though probably not driving. Damanged/severed nerves are the biggest issue that will take the longest, his fine motor skills will take the most time to rehabilitate.

  3. F1 Kitteh

    Uh oh kubica thinks flav is an exceptional person, I hope he doesn’t lose any fans over that

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