Stefano Domenicali: “This weekend was not the one that we wanted…”

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali admits that the team underperformed in Australia and will have to hit back in Malaysia.

Fernando Alonso recovered to fourth place after being pushed down to ninth when he ran wide at the start, while Felipe Massa salvaged seventh after the two Saubers were excluded. However Alonso’s fifth place in qualifying was a disappointment.

“What we need to understand why this weekend we didn’t get the performance we were expecting from ourselves,” said Domenicali. “Without looking at the others, this is the main thing that we need to analyse at home and make sure that in Malaysia we come back. For sure this weekend was not the one that we wanted, in terms of performance.

“Today in the race I have to say with regard to Fernando, starting in ninth position after the first lap, he was in a very difficult situation. He did a fantastic race. For sure if he would have had let’s say a clean start – not because of him but because he was unfortunately outside – and there was traffic on the inside, the race would have been for sure totally different.”

Domenicali said he was happy with the way the Ferrari KERS performed.

“It’s a matter of balance. On our car KERS worked quite well. At the beginning for example Jenson was behind Felipe and was always attacking him, we were able to match that Jenson was using the rear wing with the KERS. That is something that for us was very useful. In terms of balance, in terms of what the others are doing with that, I cannot answer, to be honest.”

Regarding the DRS, he added: “We were expecting that the rear wing effect was not really obvious, because the length [of the straight] is not so much. Then you have to consider what I said before, that you have to use the KERS in a certain condition to protect.

“We need to wait and see. Then we need to understand better the situation on our side, of the tyre usage, because that will affect the future strategy, the future management of the race, that’s for sure.”

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