Mark Webber: “I should be able to stay with these guys…”

Mark Webber made it clear after the Australian GP that he was mystified as to why he was off the pace in qualifying and the race.

The Aussie ended up making three stops when Sebastian Vettel made two, and he finished up in fifth place some 38secs behind his team mate, who was obvious pacing himself in the later stages.

“It’s not the result I was after obviously,” said Webber. “I wasn’t quick at all today, and the same in qualy, so we need to understand the reasons why I could not hold the pace. There wasn’t much more I could do today, obviously lost the last position to Fernando at the pit stops.

“It was a tough race, to be honest. I was pushing as hard as I could, but I wasn’t getting much back. Similar to yesterday. I haven’t been on the pace all weekend, and we’ll look into why.

“Seb drove a good race, but it’s not really normal for me not to go with the rhythm at the front, I should be able to stay with these guys, and yesterday also I was struggling.

“I finished a long way behind today and had trouble with the tyres very soon in each stint. This was a difficult Grand Prix for me, we’ll learn a lot next week, go through everything, see where we can improve things.”

Asked if he thought there might be a problem with the car he said: “You’ve got to look at everything, [including] yourself, and obviously to finish that far behind is not really usual. Stay cool, first race, obviously disappointing not to get a much better result here. It was certainly possible, but in the end everyone deserved the result they got today, and that’s what they got.”


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9 responses to “Mark Webber: “I should be able to stay with these guys…”

  1. Taking nothing away from anyone.
    Maybe it is the car…
    Maybe not…

  2. F1 Kitteh

    Not good for the number 2 driver.

  3. bret branon

    Yeah, but this doesn’t answer the BIG burning question…. Why didn’t he take a last lap for the Home fans instead of pulling into the pit exit backwards as soon as he crossed the finish line? That was not cool.
    Unless he was out of gas, or had a car problem, he should have taken that last lap to wave at the fans like everyone else.
    Very un-sportsman like conduct.

    • The big question I will answer.
      The Team had good information that Mr. Webber’s car did not have enough fuel in it to make another lap, and still have enough fuel left over, for the FIA to test the remaining.
      Unless the Team is snowballing all of us.
      Not likely.

  4. Breezyracer

    You have to admire his frankness. Many would have just disappeared into the trailers. It could well be the car, I hope they get down to it. Usually Webber is easier on tires than Seb.

    • Mr. Webber has learned from many years past, how to openly address the Media, ( the F1 Fans ).
      In NASCAR, the Drivers disappear into their trailers.
      In Formula One, they answer to the Media, and the Fans. Then they disappear into their trailers.
      The tire question, I do not agree on. The tires are what they are, even when Bridgestone were on the cars. Every Team had lap times that were close.
      This not about the tires.
      This is about pit strategies, and Driver capability.
      Mr. Vettel has no fear.
      Back in the day, Mr Senna had no fear.
      Back in the day, Mr. Schumacher had no fear.
      Aside from giving the Engineers accurate information about the car, that is the major difference.

  5. Steven Senna

    IMHO, Mark Webber, and Sebastian Vettel, are simply two different people. VERY different people. Mark to me, seems more uptight, reserved, and more cerebral. You can even see this in his interviews. Most times he gives a lot of thought to questions before answering, and his on-track driving seems to reflect that personality.
    Seb, however seems more of an instinctual and go-with-the-flow type of personality. That’s one big reason that Vettel seems more nonplussed with on and off track F-1 life.
    Because of these difference’s in personality, their reactions to various situations are different as well. Sebastian seems to be able to deal with adversity well, taking both personal and professional issues, and just naturally, almost instinctively dealing with them with ease, or even better simply putting them aside and concentrating on the matter at hand.
    Mark on the other hand seems to carry the weight of the world upon his shoulders, and each successive issue simply adds more weight to his burdens.
    To be a true champion in F1, requires more than just a good car and skill behind the wheel. It pretty much requires a very specific personality type to succeed. These are just a couple of reasons why I feel Mark Webber may never become champion, although I am a big fan and would like to see him become #1.As time and opportunities go by, the odds of him becoming number 1, slip away a little at a time.


    I think it’s completely about the tires. It was the same for Alonso and others. As Trulli noted, the tires this weekend were completely different than what they had experienced in testing and, obviously, these tires are very sensitive to car setup and how they’re used. I think Mark’s setup was different enough from Vettel’s that it used up the tires much quicker and he wasn’t able to get the most out of them.

    I think they missed the setup, nothing more, nothing less.

  7. Adam

    I reckon Mark needs to create these situations to bounce back from. And Australia is definitely his bogey race.

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