FIA tells teams DRS will be legal in Monaco

The FIA has told teams that DRS will be used in Monaco, this blog can exclusively reveal.

Some teams and drivers had asked that it be disabled for the weekend on safety grounds, and there was a discussion on the matter in the drivers’ briefing in Turkey. Mark Webber was the most vocal opponent, citing safety concerns.

Teams who wanted to keep DRS pointed out that they would be forced to hurriedly develop ‘normal’ Monaco wings if DRS was banned.

Race director Charlie Whiting informed the teams this morning by letter that having taken various opinions on board, competitors would be free to use DRS during the weekend.

At the moment the intention is that the race DRS zone will be on the pit straight rather than through the tunnel and into the chicane


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2 responses to “FIA tells teams DRS will be legal in Monaco

  1. what about the run up to Massenet?

    you could activate the DRS after Sainte Devote and have the activation point the start/finish line.

  2. Stone the crows

    The interesting part of this will be DRS use in qualifing. As critical as qualifying position has been in the past for Monaco, I wonder if that will change or if we’ll have another tyre changing festival interrupted every now and then by a race.

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