Jean Todt: No U-turn on 2013 turbo rules

Jean Todt has made it clear that he has no intention of dropping or postponing the 2013 turbo rules, despite opposition from Bernie Ecclestone and most of the teams.

He made the point that both Bernie and vocal opponents Ferrari had voted for the new rules.

He also confirmed that there will be a meeting at the Spanish GP where engine makers will discuss their progress with the FIA.

“Before I was elected at the FIA it had been decided to freeze the V8 2.4 engine until 2011, first,” said Todt. “Then it was decided that it was going to be postponed to 2013. In the mean time the engine working group, it’s the FIA technical people, it’s one representative of each engine supplier from the present time, from potential participants in the future, and they all came out with the proposal of engine rules for 2013, which was presented to me.

“I made some comments, and they unanimously proposed that. The next step is to have that voted through the WMSC. It was unanimously voted.

“Who is part of the World Council? We have 26 members and among the members you have two representatives of the F1 world, one of which is the oldest team representative, which is Ferrari, and the other one which is the representative of the commercial rights, which is Bernie Ecclestone. I repeat it was unanimously agreed. So in 2013 we will have the introduction of the new engine.

“Incidentally, because I’m happy to listen to comments, in two weeks time – on Saturday May 21 – I’ve asked our people to make a meeting in Barcelona with all people involved in engine regulation – most probably I will make my best to attend this meeting to hear the point of advancement, of the development of this engine. I must say I’m very happy to welcome a new entry as an engine supplier, which is a company called PURE. And that’s where we are.”

Todt did concede that sometimes circumstances changed but made it clear that there would have to a big reason to adjust the 2013 rules.

“In the next meeting we could say, if we have some strong new evidence – because we are in a world where things change, again it’s not only our little world of F1, you have other things happening in the world – dramatic things could happen and then we could reconsider something. But at the moment there is no reason to reconsider it because it has been unanimously agreed, again after lengthy discussions and meetings with people who are involved in this business.”


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3 responses to “Jean Todt: No U-turn on 2013 turbo rules

  1. Stone the crows

    Sigh…. well I guess there’s always the IRL.

  2. dans

    So they dump Ground Effects instead. The best part of the new design aimed at increasing close racing goes in the bin. Thanks FOTA.

  3. tom baker

    He’ll regret that decision.

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