Alonso bullish despite gap to Red Bull

Despite being a second off the Red Bull of Mark Webber today Fernando Alonso seemed positive about prospects for the weekend.

Ferrari treid a lot of development parts today and Alonso said the best package would be on both cars tomorrow.

“We are testing so many parts and trying to analyse everything tonight and put the best combination tomorrow,” said Alonso. “There were new parts in my car. There were different parts in Felipe’s, so we need to make a mix now of what works, what doesn’t work, and tomorrow hopefully be more competitive.

“No surprises, Red Bull in front of everybody, I think there is this circuit and also Budapest we saw last year that it seems to suit their philosophy of car. We knew this, especially in qualifying it will be tough to beat them, but in the race everything seems to be more close,

“I’m sure that either McLaren and Ferrari will try to make some difficult time for Red Bull in Sunday’s race.”

Alonso admitted that the new hard tyre was a problem: “I think it’s a bit different. It was already a bit different in the first four races, and for whatever reason they decide to change the hard tyre to an even slower tyre, and now it’s difficult to think about Q1 with the hard tyre.

“So I think 95% of the people will try to use one soft – unfortunately – in Q1. We’ll see if someone takes the risk. But yes it’s a tyre that… better I don’t say anything!”

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