November 2014 date claimed for Sochi F1 race

The mayor of Sochi has cited a November date for the first Russian GP in 2014, some nine months after the Winter Olympics at the same site.

The choice is unusual since the month is already packed with races, and not surprisingly the weather won’t be very hospitable. Wikipedia notes a mean of 10.9 C for the month, and a record low of minus 5.4 C!

Often compared with Nice, Sochi is noted for its palm tree climate in the summer, and going there in the winter would seem to be a strange decision.

“It will be held in November, after the Olympics,” Reuters reports Anatoly Pakhomov as telling reports in Moscow.

“The circuit’s construction is being closely monitored by the regional government. Everything is going according to plan. If we had any problems we would have asked for help from other regions.”


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3 responses to “November 2014 date claimed for Sochi F1 race

  1. David Myers

    There was snow in Donington the week before the grand prix in 1993, and someone in Autosport joked about snow chained F1 tyres. This makes is a snowbound grand prix a real possibility. Bernie HAS lost it.

  2. Stone the crows

    It’s nice for the fans that the season goes into November but not so much for the teams. I suspect that this late date is simply due to all the other venues have gotten their dates locked in, and if the championship is being decided toward the end of the season there is the added benefit of having more viewers and more ticket sales. But yeah, cold tracks and Pirellis don’t seem to mix.

  3. Steve C

    Sure, let’s all go to Russia in November.

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