Ferrari needs to do a better job, says Fry

Ferrari technical director Pat Fry says that the Italian team has to come up with bigger innovations in the winter rather than rely on ongoing development in its quest to improve performance.

“If you look at the rate at which all the teams develop through the year, Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes, their actual development rate though the season is very, very similar,” said Fry.

“Obviously you bring different packages to different races, but if you average it out, we all sort of develop at the same sort of performance rate. So you have to be creative, and make the bigger steps in the winter period. Red Bull have done a very good job, we need to do a better one. We need to create the environment where we can make a bigger step.”

Although there has already been talking about when teams might give up on a title challenge and start to focus R&D efforts on their 2012 cars, Fry says that Ferrari intends to carry on with the current model.

“In reality as there’s not a big rule change [for 2012] we can carry on developing this car all the way through. We’re learning different techniques. The only thing that won’t carry over is anything we learn from the exhaust system and blowing the floor. We will develop things on this car all the way through to the end of the year, because it’s improving our understanding for next year.”


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2 responses to “Ferrari needs to do a better job, says Fry

  1. Mick

    Very sensible. If the car is essentially the same, it must be better to test new concepts on the car on track rather than rely on the wind tunnel during the winter. If the FIA/FOTA want to go further with cost reduction I would favour a system where new parts can only be added to the car at an agreed number of races per year e.g. every third race. I don’t think it would spoil the spectacle, in the intervening races the teams would learn how to set the car up better to maximise the parts they last added.

    • Mick,
      I totally agree with everything you have to say, right up to the, ‘every third race to add new concepts’, idea.
      I understand your mind set, however, I disagree.
      The Teams should be allowed to add performance improvement parts to their cars, when they come available, during the racing season.
      Without having to wait for every third race on the schedule.
      There are so many different tracks, with many different car setups, during the season.
      I do not see Team Engineers having to be restricted to the types of improvements for a car, for a particular race track, being withheld because the race happened not to fall on the third race schedule.
      Have at it boys. That is why we participate as spectators. If we know that every third race we will see improvements, why would you want to watch the 2 races before, or after. The results would be roughly the same.
      Thanks Mick.

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